As we know that  health is of two types , i.e. physical health and mantle health . For perfect physical health we should bathe well , exercises everyday , play sports ,etc for perfect mentally health , we should concentrate in our studies , read different types of books , etc yoga is one of the most importance curriculum that should be done for batter physical and mental health . yoga was discovered about millions of year ago . by doing yoga we can keep our selves away from disease . the main aim of doing yoga is that to keep ourselves healthy . if you want to be a healthy person , you should obey the following time table .

Time                    work
4:00 am         walking up and pray to god

4:30 am       washing your face . brushing
your teeth etc….

5:00 am        Yoga with 15 minuets of fully
effort …..

6:05 am       Bathing

6:20 am        Eating and seasonal fruits , one                       glass of milk ….

7:00 am      Drinking one glass of water

11:30 am    lunch ( either eat chapaties with
green vegetables or rice with                           green vegetables ….

12:00 pm   Drinking one glass of water .

2:00 pm     rest one – two hours

5:00 pm   drinking one glass of milk or juice

8:00 pm   dinner ( only eat chapaties witn                       green vegetables and salad )

8:30 pm drinking one glass of water ..

10:00 pm     going to bed

i will sure you extremely take it all of rules are follow i 100% guarantee  your health is very different way are going …

Mujhe Girlfriends Chahiye

Mujhe Boyfriend Chahiye

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