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more skin problem & more than cream all of you try so i also faced this problem and i find out this solutions so you please read this post and you know the solutions. have a good life ………………..

It’s a cruel summer when your skin breaks out just as you’re showing it off the most.

Pimples and blackheads can appear at any time, but you may notice more of the unsightly spots during the warmest months.

“Summer tends to be a particularly aggravating time of year for them,” Dr. Julie Karen, a board certified dermatologist in New York and an assistant clinical professor at NYU Langone Medical Center, told

People are more diligent about applying sunscreen and they sweat more, all of which can contribute to clogging of the pores, she noted.

We asked Karen and Dr. Carolyn Jacob, founder and medical director of Chicago Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology, how best to deal with pimples and blackheads.

Why do they form?
It’s less about dirt, and more about oil. Your skin has glands that produce oil, which is a good thing.

“You need to produce oil, otherwise your skin would be really dry,” Jacob noted.

But too much oil can mix with dead skin cells and other grime on the surface of your skin and form a plug — a whitehead — that clogs a pore. When whiteheads are exposed to air, they oxidize, turn black and become blackheads.

Blackheads and whiteheads are one spectrum of acne. The dreaded pimple is more about bacteria and inflammation. The stuff clogging your pores is a very good environment for bacteria to live and grow, Karen said. As your body responds, you’ll see the classic bump and pus.

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Why would my skin produce too much oil?

Hormones can boost skin oil production, especially around women’s periods, Jacob said. Stress increases the hormone that drives oil production, as do sugary foods, she noted. More on the possible diet connection later.

What’s the best prevention and treatment ?

Wash your face regularly and gently. People often think scrubbing will prevent blackheads, but it increases the shedding of skin cells and causes further clogging of the pores, Karen noted.

Remove any makeup before you exercise and wash your face afterwards, or use face wipes to get rid of the dirt and sweat so your pores can breathe a little bit more, she added.

Once blackheads and pimples appear, there are many options.

“We need to unplug the pore, calm down the bacteria and the inflammation, and control the oil production,” Jacob said.

Salicylic acid helps rid the skin of the dead skin cells that are clogging the pores.
Benzoyl peroxide is anti-inflammatory, so it limits the inflammation that leads to pimples or pustules. (It bleaches towels, clothing and bedding, so use white towels or wash it off completely, Karen cautioned.)
Vitamin A creams, or topical retinoids, help to unplug the pores, fade away pink spots and decrease inflammation. Not everybody can tolerate them because they tend to be very irritating, Karen noted. You have to try them slowly in small amounts. Be aware they can make you more sun sensitive.
Antibiotics, given topically or orally, can be of some help to decrease inflammation.

What’s the best way to treat adult acne?

Should you ever pop or squeeze?
Don’t do it! Our experts warned that while picking can be tempting, it can lead to small scarring.

You might also increase the amount of inflammation that’s already there.

You’d be better off putting benzoyl peroxide on a pimple than to try to pop it, Jacob said.

There is one time it’s OK to squeeze, according to Karen. If a blackhead is “super ripe” and you absolutely can’t resist getting rid of it:

Clean your face and use clean fingers
very gently apply pressure to the periphery of the black bump?

                  how Does diet matter?

The literature has gone back and forth as to whether what you eat plays a role, Karen said.

“Yes, it is relevant in some people,” she noted. But having acne is not always “a sign that they have a bad diet, that they’re eating too much chocolate or greasy foods.”

Some people can eat a chocolate bar a day and nothing happens; while others can look at a chocolate bar and break out, Jacob noted. Genetics may be a factor in how your body reacts.

Her advice is to adjust your diet as part of your strategy to clear up your skin.

“You are what you eat,” Jacob said…….

     Use Ice Cubes to Dry Out a Pimple Fast

15 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight Fast
Do you want to know how to get rid of pimples overnight fast? Before you investigate ways to dispose of pimples or acne, it is vital to know the physiology behind it.

For many people, pimples are just an impression of skin bothering that outcomes from a disease of the oil delivering organs in the skin. By and large, the organs get to be aggravated some way or another and just start to deliver an excessive amount of oil, which brings about an immersion of the organ.

This abundance oil traps microscopic organisms typically found on the skin and reasons the contamination and the subsequent discharge generation. This is the thing that causes the genuine raised zone on the skin.

A pimple is a little pustule or papule. Pimples are little skin injuries or aggravations of the skin – they are sebaceous organs which are contaminated with microbes, swell up, and afterward top off with discharge. Pimples are commonly known as zits or spots.


Pimple occurs when the sebaceous organs, which are situated at the base of hair follicles, get to be overactive. The most defenseless parts of the body are the face, back, midsection and shoulders. Pimples are tangible indications of pimple inflammation, particularly when a breakout happens.

Whiteheads – It is also called closed comedo. These are little and stay under the skin, showing up as a little, substance shaded papules.
Clogged Pores – It is popularly known as open comedo. These are plainly noticeable; they are dark and show up on the surface of the skin. A few individuals erroneously accept they are created by soil, as a result of their shading, and clean their countenances overwhelmingly – this does not help and may disturb the skin and often cause different issues.
Papules – These are little, strong, adjusted knocks that ascent from the skin. The knocks are frequently pink.
Pustules – These are pimples loaded with discharge. They are plainly obvious on the surface of the skin. The base is red and its pus is on the top.
Knobs – These are morphologically similar to papules. But this one is bigger than papules. They can be agonizing and are implanted somewhere down in the skin.
Cysts – These are unmistakably noticeable on the surface of the skin. They are loaded with pus and are typically agonizing. It normally cause scars.

While many people accept that using brutal chemicals, overwhelming cleaning and even doctor managed skin peels and laser medications are the most ideal approach to treat infrequent pimples, customarily these medicines simply irritate the issue and exacerbate matters. Thus, for periodic, limited breakouts, here are some extraordinary common cures that can help you dispose of pimples or acne rapidly and easily.

Use Ice Cubes to Dry Out a Pimple Fast
For a pimple that has not yet infected fully, ice can be utilized to diminish swelling and urge the oil organs to contract and push out the abundance oil and microbes from the disturbed organs.

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