15 Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online Free Legally in HD

Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online: The majority of all the Indians are Bollywood movie enthusiasts. They prefer to watch Hindi movies and are in constant search of Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online free.

Today there are a lot of websites that provide Hindi movies streaming to their users. These sites are amongst the best websites you can find on the internet to watch Hindi movies easily. They have fast streaming speed and provide high definition videos.

Few cinema lovers prefer going to a movie theatre, while there are some film buffs who enjoy watching Bollywood Hindi movies on DVDs. Everyone has a different preference for watching movies.

Streaming Hindi movies online is a very convenient option these days. Internet speed is good at almost all places because of which there is a large audience for online Hindi movies and web series.

And on top of it who doesn’t like to watch Hindi movies free of cost. These days there are a large number of sites providing free Hindi Bollywood movies without the need to download them. We have worked hard to prepare such a list for you. We have taken care of various factors such as easy website navigation, free streaming, good user interface and a vast variety of Hindi Bollywood movies.

Here we present the list of the best site to watch Hindi movies online for free and legally in HD quality:

Best Sites to Watch Hindi Movies Online

1. Hotstar Hindi Movies

Website: https://www.hotstar.com/in/movies

One of the top OTT websites, Hotstar shows all the channels of the star group. It has a wide range of Hindi movies collection. Movies from almost all genres are available on this site.

All the movies available on Hotstar are in High Definition. So it becomes the best choice to watch Hindi movies online and legally. It provides blazingly fast movies streaming without the need to signup. There are no popups and minimal ads here which further enhance user experience.

Nowadays Bollywood web series is giving a tough time to the daily broadcasting tv series. These web series can also be viewed free of cost on this Hindi movies streaming platform. But there is a condition that the movies or web series you intend to watch free of cost should not be in the premium category. Otherwise, the subscription of Hotstar, at a monthly or annual rate can also provide you the entertainment at a wholesome rate.

Check out the link given above for watching Bollywood movies online free and legally.

2. Yomovies Watch Movies

Website: https://www.yomovies.co.in/

YoMovies is a well-organized site to stream Bollywood Hindi movies free of cost without any hurdles. Also, there is no need for signing in this portal to watch your favorite Hindi movies. The range of Hindi movies in this database is huge, so you can view even black and white movies.

Few people have reported that this website is not accessible in India. If you face such difficulty, you can check out the method to access it using VPN here.

The movie’s video quality is really great here. You can watch all the videos in good resolution. The old movies have the best video quality. The site has multiple servers in case one is not working you can always switch to the other.

It has a very nice inbuilt movie search filter where you can find your movies. The site YoMovies caters to almost all genres like Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Romance, Horror and many languages such as Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, English, etc.

3. Youtube Hindi Free

Website: https://www.youtube.com/

It will be wise to say that even a child knows everything about Youtube. So we can learn anything from Youtube from education to directing movies. Even one can watch different kinds of movies, web series on youtube.

Here in this, some of the contents have been restricted for subscription or on a pay basis. But the maximum range of movies is free of cost in this portal. Many Youtube channels host a wide variety of Hindi movies. One can watch full Hindi movies in HD on this website.

Youtube has a wide range of Hindi movies in all genres. You just have to make the effort to search for your favorite Hindi movie here. All latest Bollywood movies, trailers, songs can be stream on Youtube.

This is a great site for streaming Hindi movies online.

4. Jiocinema – Best Site

Website: https://www.jiocinema.com/movies

Just like the Hotstar portal, the entertainment venture of the Reliance network has been named JioCinema. But it acts as a complementary service to Jio prime customers.

So the Hindi films can be viewed freely by Jio prime customers on this portal. Even there is no need of signing up for streaming in this site. Also, the newest feature in Jiocinema is that any movies distributed by Eros can be watched in this portal.

In terms of Hindi movie collection, Jio Cinema has a vast collection of movies in the Hindi language. You can watch the movies in High Definition. It even has some exclusive movies that are not available anywhere else on online sites.

Jio Cinema is a great entertainment platform where you can spend your time watching quality movies.

5. Hindilinks4u

Website: https://www.hindilinks4u.to/

As the name depicts, HindiLinks4u is a movie streaming website dedicated to Hindi movies. Here you can easily watch Hindi movies online in High quality.

Sometimes due to low data speed or low data pack, we may not be able to view the whole view with the highest resolution or clarity. In that case, we may opt for streaming the videos with less clarity say 780p or 340p.

In Hotstar, JioCinema or some other streaming portals, the options to choose the clarity of the video was not available. So in those cases, the audience should either recharge their data pack to high storage of above 4 GB or miss the idea of streaming online videos.

But in this web portal, we have 3 to 4 servers with different video clarity. So we can choose the server as well as clarity to view the desired movie.

6. Voot Online

Website: https://www.voot.com/

Similar to Hotstar, Voot is the OTT platform of Viacom 18. All the contents of any Viacom 18 channels can be seen online at any time in VOOT.

We can even watch the movies whose distribution rights were bought by Viacom 18 in this portal. So some of the movies are free and to watch some of the movies you should be a subscriber to the VOOT portal.

7. Erosnow

Website: https://erosnow.com/movies

Here is the link for this portal.

Being the oldest digital streaming network, eros now provides a large database of high-quality Hindi movies that one can watch online.

Even in this portal, we can watch movies free of cost for specific content. And we have to pay for some of the movies.

8. Sonyliv

Website: https://www.sonypicturesnetworks.com/

Along with Star Network, Jio enterprise, Sony Pictures Network has also started its own web portal and named it Sonyliv. In this portal, we can view live tv shows along with the streaming of Hindi movies.

Another important information related to this portal is that we can stream movies freely and also we can get a subscription. So the advantage of subscription can be seen by the availability of streaming recently released movies.

But the movies present in this site are limited. That is the movie whose distribution rights were obtained by Sony are present on this site.

9. zee5

Website: https://www.zee5.com/

The features of Zee5 is almost similar to Hotstar, Sonyliv, and Voot. And the only difference is the movies whose distribution rights are obtained by zee can be seen in this portal.

10. BoxTv

Website: https://tvbox.ag/

An independent streaming site to decide about the quality of streaming and servers. As it is known that people cannot access any server in their locality due to some geographical restrictions.

So these independent sites allow the users to see the movies in different sites with different qualities.

11. YuppTv

Website: https://www.yupptv.com/

So one more web portal to decide the clarity and server for streaming the movies is Yupp TV. It works similar to BoxTv, Yomovies, and other independent streaming sites.

12. Netflix

Website: https://www.netflix.com/in/

A renowned name in the world of virtual entertainment, Netflix always opts for streaming. Be it Hollywood movies or Bollywood movies or any web series, if it is not found anywhere then it will be definitely present on Netflix.

So loved by all levels of audience, Netflix is costliest in terms of subscription. Thus everyone cannot use it unless subscribed to customers.

13. Prime Video

Website: https://www.primevideo.com/

Prime Video is a complimentary service for the prime customers of Amazon. Even a one-month free subscription is available for any users with a payment of Rs.2 from any credit card and selected debit cards.

The monthly rent for the customers other than Amazon prime customers is 129 INR and the annual rent is 999 INR. Mostly the movies are arranged neatly in their genres and language.

According to your preferences in the settings, it will show the movies of your liking at the first.

14. Ditto tv

The cheapest subscription-based online video streaming portal, ditto tv has lost its pace with time. Due to a large number of databases, it takes a lot of time to browse or search for something in this portal. It was dissolved in 2018.

15. Yesmovies

Website: https://yesmovies.zone/

Just like Hindilinks4U, if you want to select or decide your video clarity and server for easy access and streaming, then it can be done in this web portal.

The range of movies are clear and distinguished, even we can view several old movies in this portal.