15 easy steps to makeup at home

15 easy steps to makeup at home: Nowadays, as soon as the name of makeup comes, everyone runs towards beauty parlor. But if you know how to do makeup, then there is no need to go to beauty parlor again and again. So today, through this article, we are going to tell you how to do instant natural makeup at home. You can try it on your own and make good makeup at home and save your money too. So let’s know about 15 easy ways to do makeup at home.

How to do makeup at home? 15 step by step ways

1. Use a non-visible foundation

Always use a non-visible foundation for instant makeup. This foundation keeps excess shine away. Test it on your jaw and take the one you see the least. After testing it, wash it thoroughly and use it. After that, you apply lotion on the face, then drip a few drops of the foundation and mix it together.

2. Use Concealer

Use concealer, you can hide the spots of the face and eyes. If used properly, you can have a smooth and wrinkle-free skin. It is not sticky at all. You can apply it on stains with a light brush, then spread it with fingers and leave it to do its work. Now mix its edges with the foundation so that it blends with the color of the skin.

3. Use the curler

The curler is used to give correct rotation to the pupils. But use it before applying mascara. Keep it at the beginning and suppress it for some time. When the mannequin becomes curved, then apply mascara on it so that it remains the same.

4. Apply Mascara 

Now put on mascara. This will keep them curved upwards like this. Applied it by moving it upwards and moving back and forth. This will put mascara on every force properly and will not leave any force.

5. Use a dark pencil

Use a dark pencil to place the eyes on top and put a dot on it first. Make those bindis look like smoke.

6. Try it to get your nose sharp

There should be a cream highlighter that can lift the pupils and show the nose sharp. It is in the form of light shadows like pink, orange or non-visible cream.

7. Noodle Lipstick Applied

Now use a noodle lipstick. It is colorless, if your lips are dry then apply lip-balm to them first.

8. Apply Eye-shadow

Now apply eyeshadow. Keep in mind that there should not be too much dark color in it, just a shade more than the skin. If you are white, then light pink and if you are brown then use brown color. Darken these shades with a pencil and apply them with fingers.

9. Choose the skin-matching foundation

Always choose a foundation that matches your skin. If your skin is yellow, then use yellow foundation. White girls should use pink foundation on their face.

10. Use natural colors

Use natural colors on your skin. Do not use too much dark color. Use of too much white and yellow color also seems quite artificial.

11. Use cream or powder according to your skin

Use cream or powder according to your skin. If your skin is oily then use powder. Because it will get better with your skin. If you have dry skin, use the cream as a base so that the makeup does not start spreading after some time.

12. Blush

Blush the upper parts of the cheeks. But keep in mind that more blush can also spoil your beauty. It is better to use Brick tone blush.

13. Blend

Blend to make your makeup natural is a master trick. Apply a little on the nose and blend it towards the cheeks.

14. Use a light-colored blush

Apply the blush in a very light shade. Use it with a light brush. Apply it on the bulge of the cheeks.

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