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22 things you don’t know about Mia Khalifa

Friends, in this post, we will know some things about Mia Khalifa that you do not know. There are many such stars in the world, who have done their career with beautiful porn films, out of which Mia Khalifa is also one. 

1. Mia Khalifa was born in 10 February 1993, Mia Khalifa is 27 years old and is popular.

2. Mia Khalifa’s other name is Mia Kalista .

3. Mia has acted in 22 adult films till now.

4. Mia started her porn career in October 2014.

5. Mia Khalifa was considered to be potential as a contestant in Bigg Boss season-9, when it became quite a topic of discussion.

6. Mia Khalifa used to work in a fast pallet restaurant before starting her porn career.

7. Mia Khalifa has been viewed by over 15 lakh on the porn site Pornhub.

8. Pornhub gave Mia Khalifa the most searched porn star status.

9. Mia Khalifa is the 2014 number-1 porn star.

10. Mia Khalifa has also received online threats by terrorist organizations.

11. Mia Khalifa has studied in history.

12. Mia Khalifa loves football.

13. You will be surprised to know that Mia Khalifa is married.

14. Mia Khalifa married an American boy in February 2011.

15. Mia Khalifa has more than 3.2 million followers on Twitter and more than 2 bitter followers on Instagram.

16. Even if Mia Khalifa does not live in labno, people believe that she is spoiling the name of labno. Kyunki Mia Khalifa has 2 tattoos on her hand, has written the lines of the national anthem of labno on one hand. And due to these tattoos, they have faced many controversies.

17. Her parents stopped talking to Mia Khalifa after she started her porn career.

18. Mia Khalifa’s role model is Kim Kardashian and Sofia Vergara.

19. Mia Khalifa was previously Muslim but now she is Christian.

20. Seeing the opposition of Mia Khalifa, a song Mia Khalifa has also been made in her support, which was also very viral.

21. The total bank balance of Mia Khalifa is more than about 3 bitter.

22. Let me tell you for information that Mia Khalifa has left the porn industry, and now she lives with her husband.

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