5 Main Questions Related To Adsense

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If you are an Adsense publisher, then these questions must also come in your mind that-

  • Can two adsense account be added to the same bank account?
  • Can there be two Adsense account on the same address?
  • Can two Adsense ads be placed in the same website?
  • Can you put your Adsense Ad in someone else’s website?
  • Is it important to have the Adsense account name and bank account holder name the same?

Today we are going to answer all these questions in 5 main questions related to your article Adsense . These are some simple questions that every Adsense publisher searches in Google, and yes it is very important to know the answer as a small mistake can suspend your Adsense account .

When someone’s Adsense account is approved, then he feels more sad than his happiness when his Adsense account is suspended. So read this article completely so that you do not make all those mistakes due to which you will have a problem in the future.

5 main questions related to Adsense

1. Can I add the same bank account to two Adsense account?

Suppose you have created two Adsense accounts, one in your name and the other in your brother’s name, you have linked your bank account to your Adsense account and you want to link your bank account to your brother’s Adsense account as well. On doing this, you and your brother’s Adsense account is in danger

  • How do you link bank account in Adsense?

If only one bank account is linked in two Adsense account, then Google Adsense will understand that you are the owner of two Adsense account and it is against the terms and condition of Adsense, due to which your Adsense can be closed. So never link the same bank account to two Adsense account.

Suggestion: If you want to do this then your Adsense account will be suspend, but if you link your other bank account (which is not linked to Adsense) to your brother’s Adsense account, then there will be no problem.

2. Can there be two Adsense account at the same address?

No, you can not do this, because even by this, Google will feel that you have created your two Adsense account. If your address has been verified and your brother also wants to join Adsense, then your brother will have to verify another address. Because in the eyes of Google, two Adsense accounts in the same family are not considered valid.

Suggestion: The same Adsense account is considered valid in a family, so if your brother, wife, sister or any relative is connected to Adsense, then never give your own address for address verification .

3. Can you put 2 Adsense ads in the same website?

No you can’t do that If the code of two Adsense Ad is put in the same website, then there will be a warning notification show in your Adsense account, due to which your adsense earning will have a very bad effect.

You could have done this a year ago, but now it is not so. All the Adsense ad units that you have created in your Adsense account, you can use them on your website which has got approval from Adsense.

4. Can you put your Adsense Ad in someone else’s website?

No, you cannot do this, if you do this, then Adsense will know about it and your Adsense dashboard will be a warning message show.

5. Is it necessary to have Adsense account name and bank account holder name the same?

If your address is verified, then you have to link your bank account to Adsense. Whatever you earn in Adsense, you can link it to anyone’s bank account, but that bank account should not be already linked to Adsense.

For example: If my brother’s bank account is not linked to Adsense, then I can link it to my Adsense account.

Suggestion: It is very rare that someone links another bank in their Adsense account. You can do this, but we would suggest that you open your own bank account and link it to your Adsense account .

Note: If 2 people are connected to Adsense network in your house, then always try to have different internet connection. If you operate 2 Adsense accounts from the same Internet network in your home, then Google will feel that you are running 2 Adsense accounts from the same IP. Due to which your Adsense account can also be closed.

Never forget all these things because a small mistake can suspend your Adsense account forever. If you have some questions in your mind that could not be cleared through this article, then you must ask us through a comment, so that we can answer all your questions. HAPPY BLOGGING

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