After GST these 5 things will definitely change

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Today (30.06.2017) GST will be implemented across the country at 12 o’clock. As soon as the GST is implemented, it will be affected immediately in 5 big locations from midnight, these are five locations, restaurants, taxi, airport, hotel, and online shopping.

1. Restaurant bill after 12 o’clock

If you have made a bill, then you will be in profit because it will be taxed less than 0.5%. Understand this, before GST, you have to pay a tax of Rs 185 @ 18.5% on the food bill of 1000 rupees, which means that you have to pay Rs 1185, but after GST, you will get 180 rupees tax, from which you will pay a bill of 1180 rupees That would be saving five rupees. Although the service charge will look the same as before.

2. Taxi bills

If you book Ola, Uber or other such cab service after 12 o’clock in the night, then GST will be beneficial for you. Before the GST, you had a tax of 24 rupees for 6 % on a bill of 400 rupees, i.e. 424 rupees, but after midnight, 5% of rupees will be taxed by 20 rupees only, i.e. you pay a tax of the taxi 420 will be given.

3. Flight ticket

If you take an airplane ticket after 12 o’clock tonight, will it benefit or harm? If you have an economy class ticket of Rs 5000 then you would have to pay Rs 5,300 with 6 % tax, but after GST, you will have to pay 5 % tax of Rs 5250. If you have a business class ticket of 20 thousand rupees, you would have to pay Rs. 21800 with 9 % tax, but after midnight, this 20 thousand rupees ticket will cost 12 % tax to Rs. 22400.

4. Check out from the hotel

It will be expensive to stay at the hotel after midnight today, as tax is going to increase on GST being implemented. Suppose the hotel you are staying in for rent is 3000 rupees per day. Before the GST, you will get a bill of Rs 3450 for 15 % tax, but after GST, you will have to pay 3600 rupees for this room i.e. 150 rupees will be expensive.

Three and five star hotels will become more expensive, suppose you have taken a room of 8 thousand rupees (tariff), then 15 % service tax before GST and about 5 % of the luxury tax was billed at around Rs. 9600, But after GST, for this room you will have to pay Rs. 10240 according to 28 % tax. But if you have booked the room by paying advance payment then you do not have to give GST, while rooms worth Rs.1000 per day are exempted under GST.

5. Online shopping is expensive

If you shop online after midnight today, then your bill will be calculated according to GST. If the goods are going to increase after the GST is imposed and you want to buy them online, the payment will be made before 12 o’clock in the night, otherwise the bill will be made according to GST and the goods will be expensive.

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