Blog’s Traffic Improvement is not happening, what is the reason?

Blog’s Traffic Improvement is not happening, what is the reason? After working hard day and night on the blog, when you do not get anything, then there is definitely some frustration, by anything I mean blog traffic. Anyway, a blog depends entirely on its traffic, if there is not enough traffic on your blog, then there is no need to blogging and there are many bloggers who would quit blogging due to lack of traffic.

There are many ways to improve the traffic of the blog, but today we are going to tell you about all the reasons, due to which the traffic of the blog does not improve. If you know about all the reasons that do not improve the traffic of the blog, then you can easily find out why the traffic of your blog is not improving.

Especially the new blogger always worry about why his blog traffic is not coming and due to this concern, he makes many such mistakes due to which the traffic of his blog is reduced instead of improving. Today we are going to tell you all those points due to which the traffic of your blog does not improve.

What is the reason for the blog’s traffic not improving?

1. Your blog is new

If you have created your blog only a few days ago or a few months ago, then traffic on your blog will be may be zero. It takes at least 6 months to get traffic to any blog, but it is not necessary that after 6 months, a lot of traffic will start coming to your blog.’

If you are thinking that by writing a few blog posts, traffic will start coming to your blog, then it is impossible, but for this you will have to write a post on the subject which is searched the most and your blog post should also have high quality.

So if you have created a new blog then first of all you should try to improve your writing skill, when your writing skill will be good then you can write quality article and because of quality article your blog post will start to perform good on search engine and finally your blog traffic will also improve.

Many people daily publish a post on their blog and even after working hard, their blog traffic does not improve, it is the only reason that your writing skill has not developed and you can improve your writing skill. You are blogging for If your blog is 6 months old and traffic is not getting on your blog, then you understand the below point and modify your blog accordingly.

2. No quality article on Blog

Quality article means that the blog post you write has quality or not, that means that any blog post you have published is better than others post or not. Let us explain through an example –

For example – suppose you have published a post titled ” What is a blog “. If you search this title on Google, you will know which website appears on the top search results of Google, you read all those articles, by doing this you will definitely know that in your blog post What is the information that does not make your blog post perform well on the search engine?

It is clear that if your blog post does not have quality, then it can never achieve a good rank on the search engine, and this is the main reason why the traffic of your blog is not improving. Everyone likes to read quality articles and if you always publish quality articles on your blog, then you do not have to worry about traffic.

But many bloggers do not understand the guideline of this simple and start publishing such posts which do not have quality at all. One thing to always remember is that if your blog contains mostly such posts, which do not have quality, then the traffic of your blog will not improve. So it would be better if you publish such posts in your blog which have quality and modify the post which you have already published so that quality comes in it.

3. Blog post is not SEO friendly

Most of the winning traffic on any blog and website also comes through the search engine. Visitors coming through search engine are called organic traffic . If your blog is not performing well on search engine, then there will definitely be a lack of organic traffic on your blog and due to which your blog traffic will not improve.

Search engines understand our blog post so we write our blog post in such a way so that the search engine can read our blog post well and give it a good rank in its search result.

The new blogger does not know about SEO and they constantly publish posts on their blog, due to which their post is not SEO friendly. If your post is not SEO friendly then it will be difficult to rank on the search engine and this is the biggest reason that traffic is coming down in your blog.

4. Writing Short Post

Blogging depends entirely on your writing skill and those who have never written an article or who do not like typing, write their blog posts in short. This happens with every new blogger, when they create their own blog, they remain confused about which post to write and because of this confusion, they start publishing short posts.

Short post means less than 500 word article. If you always publish an article of less than 500 words on your blog, then it is all short article. Short article has short information inside it, due to which the article is not informative, and if your blog post is not informative, then it cannot rank well on the search engine.

Short posts, which lack information, can never perform well on the search engine, due to which traffic cannot improve.

You can see most of our blog posts, we definitely use at least 1500 words in our posts so that our post can perform well on the search engine, and this is the main reason that our blog traffic would improve day by day. Is going

5. Not updating blog regularly

Updating the blog does not mean that you reply to the comment on your blog daily, or change the look of your blog. To update a blog means that you always publish a new post on your blog and update your old post.

There is always this confusion as to how to update the blog, so I want to give you a tip here that if you have confusion in writing a new post and you are not getting any new topic, then you update your old post, By doing this your blog stays updated and traffic on the updated blog improves.

You should always try to publish at least 2 to 3 posts a week, but this does not happen. People who create their new blog publish 2 posts daily with great enthusiasm on their blog, and gradually their enthusiasm starts to decrease and finally they stop paying attention to their blog.

If you do this too, it will take a lot of time to get traffic to your blog. You should update your blog on regular basis so that your blog is always updated and your blog’s traffic can increase gradually.

6. Writing point to point article

Many people write their blog posts point to point, meaning that they share direct information through their blog posts. Suppose you are writing a post in your blog whose title is ” How to create a blog ” and you have given all the information related to how to create a blog directly in your blog post, then your blog post will be called point to point article.

The point to point article is written directly to share information. This is not wrong, but if you write your article describing it, then your post becomes informative as well as interactive.

If someone needs any information and is reading your blog post, then they will get the information directly but people will not like it because the post is not interactive. The search engine is very smart, it knows which article is interactive and which is informative. If you write a point to point article, then it will not be able to perform well on the search engine, and because of this the traffic of your blog will not improve.

7. Image and text balance

There should be a picture in any blog post, but the picture should not be too big due to which the text of your blog post will be less. Some people add many pictures to their blog posts, due to which your blog post is not user friendly. There should be a balance of text and photo so that your blog post can be user friendly and your blog post can get a good rank on the search engine.

A post must have at least 1 picture so that your blog post looks attractive. But if you are using more than one picture, which is not needed, then you should not do it.

Any visitor comes to read your blog post and not to see the picture in your blog post.

8. Creating a blog on Multi Topic

In our previous post we told you that you should do blogging in multi topic or on single topic . Anyway, if you are blogging on multi topic then you have a lot of problem in keeping your blog updated and your blog does not perform well on the search engine.

Multi topic means writing blog posts on more than one subject. If you have created your multi-topic blog then it takes a lot of time, about 1-2 years to rank your blog on the search engine.

So if blog traffic is to improve, then you focus on one topic and write a post on the same topic.


If your blog’s traffic is not improving then your blog-

  • Your blog is new
  • Blog post lacks quality
  • The post is not SEO friendly
  • Blog has short post
  • You do not regularly update your blog
  • You write point to point article
  • image or text does not have balance
  • multiple topic blog

If your blog follows a single point in all these points then the traffic of your blog does not improve. If you always write quality SEO friendly posts and write posts on the same topic but still the traffic of your blog is not improving, then you continue blogging. By continuously blogging on the same topic, search engine gives special preference to your blog, due to which the ranking of your blog improves as well as traffic also improves.

If you have any query related to blog traffic in which you are confuse what to do, then tell us your problem through comment so that we can solve all your problems related to blogging. HAPPY BLOGGING

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