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Can I write about Sex Education on my blog?

This is very common thing and every new blogger definitely comes to mind that can write about sex education on his blog? By the way, you will know that through the blog, we do the work of sharing our thinking and knowledge, knowledge and information can be of anything, whether you write about sex knowledge or any other subject.

SEKS Education is a common topic about which new bloggers write posts, but they have doubts about whether it is right to publish such posts on their blog or not. So friends, today we are going to give you all that information, so that you will know clearly whether you should publish the knowledge related to your blog or the posts related to it.

Can I write about Sex Education on my blog?

If you talk about a blog or a website, then the adult website gets more traffic than a good website. You might think that what I am saying, but it is true that if you have created an adult blog, then you do not have to worry about the traffic of your blog, the traffic of your blog increases very soon. But if we talk about a good blog, it takes a lot of waiting and patience to get traffic in it, and many methods have to be adopted.

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When it comes to blog traffic, one does not have to worry about traffic on an adult blog, and this is the reason why all the new bloggers who have created their new blog today are on their blog – Education, Adult content and – I think about publishing stories.

But is it right to publish such content on a blog? Let us tell you in detail about when it would be right to publish adult content on your blog?

Note: S * x education also comes in adult content itself. That is, such content which children cannot read will all come in adult content only.

If you have created your blog on blogger.com?

If you have created your blog on blogger.com and if you are thinking about publishing adult content on your blog then you should not do so. Google never works to promote adult content on its blog. If you publish any post related to s * x education, then this too will be seen in adult content itself and due to this Google can delete your blog at any time.

Anyway, you have created your blog on Google itself and Google does not accept adult content, and in such case your blog can be deleted anytime. So friends, avoid publishing adult material on your blogger blog so that your blog is always clean in the eyes of Google.

If you have your blog built on WordPress?

You can publish adult content on a WordPress blog, because both WordPress and Google are different and a self hosted WordPress blog is created, you can publish anything on your WordPress blog. You will not have any problem with this.

If to apply for Adsense?

Overall if you have created your blog on blogger.com or on WordPress and if you want to apply for Adsense, then you should not publish posts related to s * x education on your blog. Adsense approval is not available if you publish adult content on your blog . Then you will have to delete all those adult content to get Adsense approval.

If Adsense is already approved?

If your Adsense account has been approved and you want to publish s * x education related to your blog or any adult content, then you can do that, but you need all your adult content and s * x education page from Adsense ad will have to be disabled, otherwise Adsense will disable ad on that page and send you a violation message. And your Adsense account can also be suspend. So it would be better if you are using Adsense ad on your blog, then do not publish such content, due to which your Adsense account gets suspended.

Conclusion – CONCLUSION

If you are associated with Adsense network, then you should not publish adult content on your blog. You must have seen many websites on the internet that publish adult content, but Adsense ad shows are happening on their website, by looking at such website, it would definitely be in your mind that you also publish adult content on your blog. .

But have you ever thought that the website which has adsense ad show despite having adult content, how much will be the traffic of their website, or how much good content will be compared to adult content on their website.

If you have mostly good content on your blog and the traffic of your blog is very high, then you can publish some adult topic related posts on your blog, this will not be a problem. But the traffic of your blog is less and if you have mostly adult content on your blog then you may have problems with it.

So friends, you must have now understood whether you should publish posts related to s * x education on your blog. You can give your feedback through comment. HAPPY BLOGGING

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