EU has penalized GOOGLE $ 2.7 billion for violating antitrust rules

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EU has penalized GOOGLE $ 2.7 billion for violating antitrust rules
On Tuesday, the European Union (EU) has imposed a maximum penalty of $ 2.7 billion on Google. Google has been penalized for violating antitrust rules by misusing their monopoly in the search field.

The investigation lasted seven years has found that Google has preferred its shopping websites despite having a higher price than other websites in search results on their search engine.

The European Commission issued a statement saying, “Google has violated anti-monopolistic regulations by giving preferential treatment to its other products as the largest search engine in the market.”

Margaret Westger, in-charge of the commissioner of European Commission and the Competition Policies, issued a statement and said, “What Google has done is illegal under EU anti-competitive rules. Google prevented other companies from competing on the basis of quality and new ones. The most important thing is that Google hindered European customers from choosing the right option for products and services. “

The statement said that Google will have to stop its activity within 90 days, otherwise it will have to give a penalty of 5% for the daily global business of Google’s subsidiary retail company ‘Alphabet’.

Earlier, the biggest penalty imposed on a tech company was $ 1.1 billion, which was based on Intel in 2009.

The EU can also ask Google to make changes to its search engine on search results, so that the Google search engine does not favor other Google products.

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