Give Sad Love Letter To Girl

Are you heart broken? Have you had a breakup with someone you love, or has he turned you down with someone you love? The pain of a broken heart cannot be overstated, but the person you love so much can be made to realize how much you love them. And there is no better alternative to doing this than love letter.

Today I am going to share a sad love letter related to my life which I myself gave to my love. My heart was also broken and I wrote this love letter, connecting my broken heart. Hope you hear my pain too.

I do not understand what to begin with, because my beginning was wrong, was it the beginning that I was wrong who fell in love with you. How many times I wanted to tell you, but was afraid to say it, so that our friendship will not break. The only fear was that if you are not mine then what will happen to me. But this could not happen, our friendship also did not last.

What was thought could not be done, where are the things thought out anyway?

Today I have become so unknown to you that you do not even want to see me Come on, there is someone who hates me so much , whom I loved , he turned his face to me, what could be a bigger thing for me.

Thank you , because of you , my life taught me to live.

But if I live now, for what There was a support for your friendship, but where can we be able to support this friendship with you.

Heart had cried, it was broken when you gave us a beautiful gift of your separation.

We are happy for this. I understood my heart, but my heart is not ready to believe, it is still waiting for you to come back again , but who should explain to this united heart that you have given me everything you love? Except