Hair enhancing oil and home remedies

How to grow hair long? So friends, first of all we want to tell you that there is no easy way to grow hair. If experts are to be believed, they say that hair grows by 1/2 inch in a month and that too depends on your diet and health.

If you take more care of your hair, such as massaging, washing hair from time to time, applying oil then it is possible that you can grow your hair. Apart from this, you will have to make some changes in your diet, avoid junk food. So friends, let’s talk in detail how to make hair long?

Oil for long hair

In this section we have explained about the oil which will help in keeping your hair healthy. Below, a lot of oil has been told, use whatever you like.

1. Olive oil

Olive oil, which we call olive oil in English, has many benefits which prove to be good not only for your hair but for your beauty, health. Most hair products contain olive oil. It makes hair healthy, strong and shiny. For best results in hair, heat it and apply it to hair.

2. Almond Oil

For women whose hair is thin and light, then massage it with almond oil every day, this will make the hair shiny as well as the problem of two mouth hair and dandruff is also removed. The use of almond oil gives the advantage of conditioner.

3. Mustard Oil

Massage hair with mustard oil makes hair grow faster. At the same time, it also increases blood circulation. It is good for hair in every way, it also reduces the problem of hair loss.

4. Coconut Oil

You can add cold coconut oil to your head every day and massage with fingers can speed up blood circulation. Due to which your hair will be long and health will be good. It is perfect for dandruff, conditioners the hair. In summer it gives a feeling of coolness on the head.

5. Castor oil

Many times the hair starts becoming lifeless due to dusty soil, dandruff, hair loss and then hair starts to thin. In such a situation, if you use castor oil, then the hair becomes stronger and grows longer. Massage it with fingers on your scalp and wash the hair with shampoo in 1-2 hours.

Home remedies to lengthen hair

In this section, we have talked about indigenous treatment because everybody trusts and uses home remedies a lot. You can use any one method.

1. Use Egg Mask

The egg mask that we are going to tell you, makes hair grow faster. Egg yolk helps hair grow and also helps prevent loss. To prepare this mask, put one cup of fenugreek seeds in water at night.

The next day, prepare a paste after removing it from the water. Add an egg to the paste and then mix them well to make a hair pack.

Apply this mask to scalp and hair. Massage the scalp thoroughly and allow it to dry for one hour. After that wash the hair with shampoo, do this treatment 1 time a week.

2. Use curry leaves

Excessive use of chemical causes hair to grow properly. The use of curry leaves provides nourishment to the hair, which keeps the hair healthy and grows properly.

Prepare a paste by grinding curry leaves and applying it directly to the ends of the hair. You can also eat its leaves if you want. This will make the hair black and long.

3. Use turmeric

Wherever turmeric is used, it will give you benefits. Now it is a matter of hair growth, turmeric is also considered number 1 in this. For this, you can mix honey and milk in turmeric and apply it to the hair, it does not cause hair fall and hair grows well.

4. Use Amla and Ritha

For this hair treatment, first soak a cup of amla and ritha in 4 cups of water. Boil it the next day. When there is a cup of water left in it, then keep it to cool.

After it cools, mash it well with your hands. After that, use its thick water in your hair and let it remain in the hair for 45-50 minutes.

Later wash with water. But friends do not use shampoo. Amla and Ritha nourishes your hair and also helps in hair growth.

Healthy diet to grow hair

As we told you that diet matters a lot, then start eating healthy food and avoid junk food.

1. eat fish

Salmon is a fish that is for hair. This fish contains omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B12 and iron. Omega 3 fatty acids are very important for healthy scalp. Lack of Omega 3 fatty acids causes scalp to become dry and dull and hairs are reduced. So this is why you should consume salmon fish.

2. Take more vitamins

Hair starts growing well with the use of vitamin C, B and its use of biotin (vitamin B7 and vitamin H) and niacin (vitamin B3). It has shiny, healthy hair. Complete your balanced diet with these vitamins so that your hair is longer than good.

3. Drink more water

Water helps in all the processes of the body and at the same time quickly flushes out the toxins of the body. This is a quick and natural way by which hair starts growing up very quickly.

If you drink 8 glasses of water a day, it not only makes your body better but also makes your hair stronger.

The stronger your hair will be, the faster they will grow. Drinking water also keeps your hair hydrated. Hydrated hair is called happy hair because when they are dry they break easily.

4. Take Omega Acid

Use of Omega is very important for hair, if you think that only hair is fine with shampoo and conditioner then you think wrong friends. Omega contains fatty acid which helps in strengthening the hair.

Omega contains Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA), eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) which help in keeping hair strong as well as blood circulation.

Yoga for long hair

Yoga is also a better way to increase hair. The simple thing is that if you will be healthy, then your hair will also be healthy.

1. Headline

The headpiece, which we also call the headstand, is considered very good for hair. Non-growth or excessive breakage of hair indicates bad blood circulation. The headaches not only reach the blood to the direct brain but also to the scalp. Headstand pose causes good hair growth.

2. Perform Balayam Asanas

This is the kind of yoga in which you have to rub the nails of your hands, except the thumb. By doing 10 minutes daily in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening, your blood circulation becomes very good. Which benefits your hair. By doing this continuously for 3-6 months, you will feel a change in your hair.

3. Weigh

We do Vajrasana because it calms the mind and improves digestion. It is believed that a good healthy body can be obtained from good digestive system. Therefore, this asana is considered ideal to improve hair growth.