Heart Touching Sad Love Letter In English

Sad Love Letter to Girlfriend, In English. How many years have passed since we were separated, but even today you are living in my thoughts. Whenever I close my eyes, your face is visible. I still miss you very much today.

Whenever I look back, it seems that time has stopped, that time has come back in front of me. Perhaps there is so much strength in your love that even today I want you so strongly. I do not know how much you want me, but I am sure that my heart beats only for you.

I still remember the smell of rose and evening of valentine day, you propose me but I did not know that you will love me so much that you will leave me forever. You are not with me but your memories still remind me of you, I miss you a lot.

Sad Heart Touching Love Letter – English Love Letter

Ever since you have gone, the smile on my lips has gone, I have forgotten to laugh. Perhaps God has fulfilled my vow. So today I am yearning for your memory.

I am lost in your memories every moment, there is a hope in my heart that you will come again in my life. But this hope may not be fulfilled even after I die. There was a time when I did not live without seeing you, but today is the time when you are so far away from me that I cannot see you… I feel like I have given up living, even the tears in my eyes have left me. Now I feel relieved at loneliness.

Thank you, who came into my life and taught me to live, I did not think so much at first, but you have taught me to live in my life. I used to trust you a lot, but you changed my trust in hope. Used to say that I will never leave together, I will get married. We also made some promises in some cases, but the difference is that you cannot navel it.

Even today I remember you and cry silently, I love it when I miss you, my heart is very relaxed. Now it seems that life has started from you and will end only on you, the only difference will be that you do not appreciate me.

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