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Hindi Relationship Blog And Adsense Earning

If you are thinking of making a Hindi relationship blog or if you have already built a Hindi relationship, then you must be thinking that how much will you earn Adsense through Hindi relationship blog? Today we will give you answers to all your questions and will tell you how much you can earn in Adsense through Hindi relationship blog.

You will definitely know that money can be earned through blogs, and today everyone is making their own blog to earn online. Whenever someone thinks about making his own blog, the only topic that comes to his mind is relationship .

If you search on the internet, you will clearly know that about 70% of Hindi blogs have relationship articles. But if you are only publishing relationship related articles on your blog, then you must have a question that to what extent can you earn Adsense through Hindi relationship blog?

But first of all we would like to give you basic information about Hindi relationship blog, what is a relationship blog? What is the reason for making it? And for whom is this blog made?

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What is a Relationship Blog?

Such a blog where information related to relationships is given. It is clear that through a relationship blog, you are working to strengthen the relationship between people, and it is a very good thing that you understand relationships. Creating a relationship blog is very difficult, because in such a blog you have to write an article keeping in mind the feelings and emotions of your visitors.

If a relationship blog is called a sensitive blog, it will not be wrong. Sensitive blog because article is written on a sensitive subject on such a blog which directly touches someone’s feelings and emotions.

Why do people create a relationship blog?

This is a good question and the answer is equally interesting. Relationship blogs can be created only by people who have understanding of relation, feeling, emotions, ego, attitude and self control.

But nowadays it is seen that people who want to create their own blog, they choose the relationship topic on their blog, and we believe that relationship blogs can start there only –

  • Those who have suffered the pain of breakup after falling in love.
  • Those who had fallen in love but had one-sided love.

The number of such people is very large, or to say that the same happens to all people and whenever those people think of making a blog, they prefer blogging on the relationship topic itself.

From which mentality do visitors come on Relationship Blog?

This is the most important point, what is the intention of the visitors who come to your blog. If you have created a relationship blog, then you should know what kind of visitors will come to your blog.

Some visitors to this type of mentality come to the blog, such as –

  • Those who have one-sided love and who want to get their love.
  • Those who have not had love success.
  • Those who have a breakup.
  • Who is not happy with their relationship and wants to improve it.

If seen, only unhappy people come to the relationship blog who are worried about their relationship. Or should you say that people who want to improve their relationship.

Now you must have fully understood what a relationship blog is, why people form such blogs and what kind of people mostly come on such blogs. Now the question comes that whether or not you can earn through such a blog, if you can, how much you can earn.

Hindi Relationship Blog And Adsense Earning

Adsense’s ad blog shows according to the content, if seen then the Adsense CPC of Hindi blog is not that good, because most people read Hindi blog from India and people of India do not give much importance to online shopping.

As I told you that blogs earn because of Adsense Ad, but which Adsense Ad is being displayed on your blog also matters. If you have created a Hindi relationship blog, then there will be ad shows on your blog according to its content.

Winning visitors also come on Relationship blog, most of them visitors are unhappy, their mindset is not that they click on Ad, even if they click on Ad by mistake then they do not buy the product.

In such a situation, there are only promotional ad shows on the relationship blog, and the promotional ad has a low CPC.

But this does not mean that you cannot earn good money through Adsense on your relationship blog. You just need to follow some guideline.

How to earn good Adsense from Hindi relationship blog?

Relationship blog is a topic that works to strengthen the relationship, and there are a large number of people who read such blogs. But it is also true that on such blogs, Adsense CPC is very low (about 0.01 to 0.03) and sometimes even CPC is zero.

There is no way that you can improve the Adsense CPC of your relationship blog, but overall if you talk about Adsense earning, then you can earn very good Adsense through your blog, let’s tell you about it too.

Improve blog traffic

If you want to improve Adsense earning of Hindi relationship blog, then you have to improve the traffic of your blog, and it does not take much time to gain a lot of traffic on such a blog, because everyone reads such a blog. Just you have to improve the traffic of your blog. To improve blog traffic, follow the points given below.

  1. To improve blog traffic, you have to publish quality articles. Because quality articles are the back bone of any blog.
  2. Share your blog post on social media, join Facebook group and promote your post there.
  3. Make your blog post SEO friendly.

If you are thinking that you made a mistake by creating a relationship blog, then you think wrong. It is a different matter that the Adsense CPC on relationship blog is very low, but if we look at the positive side of our blog, then we will know that we do not take much time to improve the traffic of our blog.

Because of this plus point, blog traffic improves, and improving traffic means earning improve.

If you have become demotivate about your relationship blog, then you should think with a cold head that the number of Hindi relationship blogs on the internet today is very less, so the competition in the relationship blog is negligible. If there is no competition, it will not take much time for your blog to gain traffic, just you have to positively handle your blog and keep your blog updated daily.

How much can be earned from Hindi Relationship blog?

Due to the low CPC, you get less money on one click, but if your blog traffic is very high, then you can earn a lot of money every day. If calculated according to an estimate then if –

  • If your blog receives 10,000 visitors every day, then your earning will be 6 to 8 dollars. That means your earning for the entire month will be 180 to 240 dollars. If it is converted to INR, then your month’s earnings will be 12000 to 16000 rupees.
  • If your blog gets 10000 visitors daily, then you can earn 12 to 16 thousand rupees, and you can easily calculate how much monthly earning will be if your blog has 50000 daily visitors. (Approx 60000 to 80000 rupees)

Someone asked me through a comment whether affiliate marketing can be done on a relationship blog. So I thought about it and finally I got the answer. Yes, you can do affiliate marketing on your relationship blog, but as I told you earlier, the mindset of visitors to such blogs is not to buy any product.

So, if you do affiliate marketing of a product, then you will fail 100%.

You can provide your relationship service on your blog and you can charge money to provide service. Can help people in their relationship service, such as –

  • Charging money to write a love letter. You can charge 100 to 300 rupees for writing a love letter.
  • Tips and experiments can be given to strengthen the relationship. For which you charge according to the problem.
  • You can guide in love matters.

But always remember that relationship is a very sensitive topic and if you are providing such a service then you have to gain trust and believe with your visitors.

Today you learned how to earn Adsense in Hindi relationship blog and how to improve it. If you found this post helpful to us, then you must tell through comments. HAPPY BLOGGING

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