Homemade facial beauty enhances face pack

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Homemade facial beauty enhances face pack
Skin is a major contributor to enhancing facial beauty. By taking care of the weather and the nature of the skin, the skin can be made healthy and beautiful. Often such small problems have to be resorted to by the beauty parlor, but you can make face packs at home and can easily bring your face glow back.

In winter, Skin Care In Winter has to face the most problems. Dry skin is quickly affected by cold and cracks fall into it.

Face pack for dry skin

Put a spoon of gram in a small amount of honey and cream. If you can put egg yolk more then it is better. Prepare a good solution by adding two spoonful honey in the egg yolk. Put it on face and wash on drying. This gives good nutrition to the skin and humidity remains.

Skin oil – To maintain the balance, wash the face thoroughly at night, then in a spoonful of almond oil, add 4-5 bottles of glycerin and cream together. You can also use glycerin and lemon juice too. Massaging with olive oil is also beneficial but be careful, the face should always massage from the bottom upwards. Massage the spine on the cheeks.

Face pack for normal skin

Normal skin usually did not suffer much trouble. You can use face pack to keep it normal. Soak lentil lentils in water, then grind it with milk and apply it on the face. Wash on drying. Raw milk is also very beneficial. Before sleeping, add one spoonful of glycerin in two teaspoons of raw milk, wash it in the morning.

Even the use of eggs can be prepared with a good face pack. Fill the egg in milk and make a paste of turmeric powder and apply it on the face. This will also clear the face color. Turmeric has many medicinal properties- it acts as a blood-resect. A mixture of yogurt, gram flour and Glycerin can also take good care of normal skin.

Homemade facial beauty enhances face pack
Homemade facial beauty enhances face pack

Face pack for oily skin

If your skin is oily, use good soap in the summer days. Instead of soap, gram gram and orange peel powder can also be used. Make a thick slurry on the face and wash it with cold water.

Make winter face pack Oily skin is a boon during winter, but the dryness of the weather affects a little too, hence this skin needs some care in this season too. For this, take a spoonful of orange peel powder and mix some milk and cream in it and apply it on the face.

You can also prepare a face pack of milk and cream in gram flour. Once a week, add a little milk and a spoonful of honey in the egg whites. Your skin will bloom.

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