How to ask a girl a question on Facebook? 15 questions

Anyone making friends on Facebook is as simple as difficult to talk to him. Many people do not understand what to talk about. The same question keeps going on in his mind how to ask the question that the person in front can answer immediately.

Friends, the first thing is that if you want to talk to a girl, then first of all look at her Facebook account completely – such as profile photo, information which is given in Facebook, post, comment.

If you see all these things well then people will not have much problem in talking to any girl and asking questions. Below, we have given some funny and confusing questions which are very useful to you?

Confuse Facebook Questions In Hindi

Confuse questions have not always been less of a challenge for everyone, so you can use these questions to talk to a Facebook girl for a long time. We can not say with the claim that it will be useful or not, but it will definitely help you a little bit.

1. Any movie that makes you laugh a lot?

Everyone likes to watch a comedy movie, so you can ask a girl about a comedy movie. The girl loves to answer such questions. When you know the girl’s liking for a movie, you can also ask her to watch a comedy movie.

2. Anything that only you want to share with me?

By the way, you can say this question only if you know very closely with a girl, then only the girl will share her personal things with you. So do not ask this question in the beginning, ask it in the end only means after some time.

3. Can you jump through any tower for me?

This question is a bit funny, so the girl will surely answer it. So in this way you can prolong your conversation.

4. What kind of Dog or Pet do you like?

Dog and pet are counted in every girl’s choice, so in such a situation you can ask any girl the same question. If you want to win the heart of that girl then you can gift her pet or dog.

5. What kind of song do you like?

In today’s time, if everyone listens to the song, then you can ask any girl about her favorite song.

6. Can you live your life without Facebook and Instagram?

If you ask this question to anyone, then the answer will be “no”. So in such a funny way you can ask this question to any girl.

7. Who is most important in your life – your phone number or boyfriend?

Friends, ask some interesting questions that will prolong your conversation. Now to prolong the conversation, you can also ask what is the most important of the phone numbers or Boydost. Then see how many interesting answers will come in front of you and she will also be interested in telling you herself.

8. What kind of boy do you like?

It is necessary to ask the girl because according to how she sees the boys, she will know what is wrong about the boys. So look, the girl puts her mind in front of you. Then maybe you will find it easier to fill the girl .

9. Would you like to visit my Facebook Timeline?

Also ask him if he is more interested in Facebook or not, if he will visit on fb timeline? Talk to girls in which they have interest. Only then will she be able to talk to you for a long time.

10. What is your opinion about dating someone?

It is also necessary to ask whether she dates boys or not, if she does, how she dates, what she is interested in, what is her opinion about her date. By doing this you can ask some questions.

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11. What will you do if your Facebook account gets hacked?

When you feel that the girl is talking with you, then you can ask that what will she do if the fb account is hacked ? What does he know in the interest, does he really give such an idea that you should also know what to do in such a situation?

12. How long would you like to talk to a boy?

You can also ask these questions, it will tell you about the girl’s mind, how long she is with a boy or boys. This will also let you know how to talk to the girl. Or you can also say that there may be an opportunity for you in some way.

13. You can chat with many boys a day?

Does this question sound somewhat interesting? Because in response the girls are also infuriated, so look at the girl and ask such questions. If some girls are fack, then tell them, then you have to think for yourself which girl to talk to.

14. Telling one thing really how do you like me?

Yeah…. This question should be asked to every girl because she will be forced to think how you are, how you look good and how you mean bad. Then the result is in front of you friends.

15. Who was your first crush?

This question goes into a little personal zone, so do not forget to ask this question until you are comfortable with the girl and the girl. So first make the girl comfortable with herself and then ask these questions.

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