How to befriend with an unknown girl? 11 ways

How to befriend an unknown girl? If the girl is unknown then how to friendship her? Have you started loving a girl in your heart and that girl is unknown? Do you want to befriend them? But you do not know how to do, today’s article is for you. Today you will know how to make friendship with any unknown girl.

Doing friendship is not a wrong thing, but the method should also be known, so read our article completely so that you will know the way by which you can talk and befriend any unknown girl by following.

If you like a girl and you want to befriend her , but you do not know her, then the problem is how to talk to her? How to befriend an unknown girl? It is very difficult to talk to any unknown girl, but most people are those who talk to girls very easily and there are some people who get sweaty when talking to a girl and their Body language also worsens.

If you are also among those boys who get nervous while talking to girls, if your heart beats too, then do not panic now, I have come to solve this problem for you. So let’s know how to befriend an unknown girl?

11 ways to befriend an unknown girl

Now that the matter has already come to the heart, an effort is made. Anyway, the pleasure in talking and friendship with the girl, she said in watching from a distance and commenting unnecessarily. So let’s start with today’s class whose focus will be – how to talk to an unknown girl and become friends.

1. Know about it first

If you know something about her before befriending an unknown girl, it would be very good and it does not mean to go ask her biodata from her, but rather you can find out as much as you can from your sources. Is to find out. How is the girl with an attitude, is sweet, is interested in talking to anyone or not. Knowing all this about him is your first step.

If she does not want to talk to anyone, then you can definitely do a cosis but do not follow her like crazy all the time, it can also cause your bad impression on the girl, which is not right.

2. Make your presence feel

Sometimes it is necessary to bring attention to oneself and in such a case it is very important to tell the girl. If you see that girl every day and especially from where she goes, you wait to see her, then it is very important to make the girl notice. If you see him, then let him show it as well. But there is a lot of difference between looking and staring, so it is very important to take care of it and not to stare at it with love.

Keep in mind one more thing, when you go to see a girl, do not take your friend with you, even if he goes with you, do not let him pass any comment, especially a useless comment. This is a negative impression and the girl feels very uncomfortable with it.

3. Do not panic talk

Friend is a simple one, if you consider yourself unworthy then how can anyone else understand you. If you want as much as the world, then you have to be yourself. You do not have to panic before talking to any girl. Talk to any girl you want to talk to without any hesitation. That girl will not shoot you.

4. Start talking

Now if she has given you a smile, then it is time to talk about the real thing – that is. But before talking, make sure that it is not her area, that is, her family or a relative or some place where she lives, if she refuses to talk, then do not force more at that time, otherwise she will never talk again. Will do.

When you start talking to her, introduce yourself first (with a smile), even ask her name, if she does not tell, then do not force. Tell him that you come to see him daily and you have finally come to talk to him. If she ignores, come back at that time and try again the next day. Because good girl will hardly talk to anyone at one time.

5. Girls Don’t Like Sneaky Boys

Girls do not like boys who are timid at all. That is to say, it all depends on you. If you want to get that girl, if you want to get that girl in you, then you can find that girl or else you cannot.

6. Show the girl that you are

First show the girl that you are looking at her, even if she is unknown. That girl should know that the boy is looking at her. When this girl notices that you are looking at her, then you just have to see that girl, do not stare.

7. Must be confident

When you are looking at a girl, you have to be confident, be cool. If the girl is also looking at you, eye contact is increasing with you, then understand the response is positive. The girl also wants to talk to you, she is also interested in you.

8. Give Smile

When you are looking at the girl and the girl is looking at you, you have to do a small work “to give a little smile”. If that girl also looks at you and gives you a small smile, then understand that the response is positive, that girl wants to befriend you.

A light smile is enough to tell that you too are interested in that girl. If the girl too smiles upon seeing you, then don’t delay, if it happens two or four times then go to the girl and talk to her.

When she goes in front of you every day and she has become aware of this thing that you see her, now it is the turn to move forward. Pass him a smile, just a simple and sweet smile, nothing else.

In one day, she will not reply, two days, three days now any day. And when he comes to know that you are waiting for him especially at that place, then he will make you sure. Be positive.

9. Do not talk hard

Talking to girls is not as difficult as you think. If your mind thinks thousands of times before talking to girls, what will they do if they don’t like it? Your mind starts thinking thousands of things.

There should be courage in you, a smile on your face, a little personality and a little voice in your mouth. The most important is courage, you must have courage. Many boys have courage but they do not understand what to talk if they talk.

You have to talk to the girl according to the situation. You have to sit near the girl and talk to her “HI”. It may not be the first time he gives you some answers, then you have to say “HELLO” for the second time. Then he may answer you – Who are you? What’s it? Why are you asking? what do you want? Anything she can answer, but you have to talk to her according to the situation, like – what do you do? Where do you work?

10. Give Complement

Now that the girl has agreed, has started talking or if she has not talked, then do one thing, pass her a compliment. Girls love praise very much. Compliment him and keep on growing our friendship.

11. Ask for Mobile Number

If you think the girl is really happy talking to you and is also responding well to you. If your friendship is actually going on the right track, then you can also ask her for her mobile number, but do not force her to give the number, if she is not comfortable right now, leave the same thing and change the topic.

It will take some time, but if the girl is even a little interested and if she is not already committed to someone, then she will definitely give a positive signal and you will definitely get reward for your effort.

With all these tips, the girl of your choice will surely beat you and then you will not have to ask anyone how to get a girl or what are the ways to get a girl, because there are very few chances that anyone can give you good tips from them.

I am sure that you will do this work very easily. But you have to show your intelligence here, how smart you are, how you talk to the girl according to the situation. Do not tell directly to any girl that I like you, would you like to befriend me? Or never act stupid. Because knowing what you know by doing this changes your thinking. Befriend him first, know about him, know about his interest.

Now the most important thing is that if a girl is not responding to you, then you should step back. Do not force any girl. If you force any girl, then you can create problems for yourself and that girl. If you do not like a girl, are not interested in you, then you have to stay away from the girl who does not even want to see you.

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