How to Change Blogger Blog’s Email ID (Login ID)?

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How to change the email ID of Blogger blog? When you create your first blog, there must be some mistake, and one of these mistakes is that we make our blog through the email ID that we have extra. When I created my first blog, I was also confused whether to create a blog using my real email ID or create a different email ID. At that time due to lack of much information on the Internet and due to privacy, I created my second email ID and created a blog through it.

There is no problem in creating a blog through our second email ID, because anyone can create a blog, but when we start accessing both our email IDs one after the other, then there is definitely some problem.

Many people make their blog through a girl’s email. First they create their email ID in the name of a girl and then they make their own blog through it. It is true that if you are a boy and if you share a link on your social network, no one likes, shares and visits your link. On the other hand, if you have created your blog in the name of a girl and share a link with the name of a girl, then most people start liking, sharing, commenting and visiting your link. Due to which blog traffic also starts improving.

I remember when I started blogging, in a few months I published more than 100 posts, I share my blog post in my social site but I do not get social traffic. One day I checked on a girl’s Facebook profile that she has created a new blog of hers and she has shared her blog link. When I visited his blog and saw that there was only one post on his blog, but there were more than 50 comments in that same post. Then I understood that if a girl promotes her blog on the social network, then traffic also comes on her blog.

If you are also thinking that your blog should be run by creating the email ID and profile of a girl, then it is not right to do so, and if you have created your blog through a fake email ID, then you will get your blog email. ID should be changed.

Creating a blog only means that you create your own identity, and your identity is not made through fake email ID. Today we are going to tell you about it and today you will know how to change the email ID of blogger blog. But first of all, you must know that it is important to change the email ID of the blog.

Why Change Blogger Blog Login Email ID?

If you have created your blog through one of your fake IDs or any of your additional email IDs, then you should change your email ID.

For example- Suppose I have 3 email IDs


If I create a blog through the first 2 emails given above, then it will not be a problem because my name is showing in both email IDs, but if I create my blog through the third email ID, then it will cause problems later It is possible, and the biggest problem is Adsense, yes, if you have created your blog through your email ID which does not have your name, then there can be a problem in the Adsense approval process.

Adsense accepts only real email IDs. Suppose your name is Sanjay and you have created your email ID in the name of Sonia and have also created a blog through Sonia email ID, then when you apply for Adsense and your Adsense account will be approved, then Adsense verify your address. To do this, you will send a letter, that you have created your blog through your fake name, so there will be a problem in your address verification, and for this reason your Adsense account may also be closed.

Do not confuse yourself too much and replace your blog email ID with your real email ID. So that there is no problem in future.

How to change the Email ID (login ID) of Blogger blog?

As you all know is a service of Google where we can create our own blog, for which we need Gmail ID and password. If you have created your account in Google, then you can easily sign-in to with your ID and password. But when it comes to changing the email ID in, many bloggers do not know how to change the email ID of their blog.

Today we will tell you in this article how you can replace the email ID of your blog with another email ID. So let’s know.

How to Change Email ID of Blogger Blog?

step 1

How to Change Blogger Blog's Email ID (Login ID)?

1. Click on Setting .
2. Click on Invite more authors .

Step – 2

How to Change Blogger Blog's Email ID (Login ID)?

Now you have to type the email ID that you want to replace with your original email ID. After typing the email ID , click on SEND . A mail will be sent to the email ID you typed. Now you have to check your mail and accept Invitation.

Step – 3

How to Change Blogger Blog's Email ID (Login ID)?

After clicking Accept Invitation , some process has to be followed. After the whole process is complete, when you login to with your second ID, you can access your blog, but there is a limitation, which is that you have made that email ID your author, so you can make your blog another Cannot fully access email ID.

Step – 4

Now login to your with your original email ID.

How to Change Blogger Blog's Email ID (Login ID)?

1. Click Settings .
2. Click Blog admins and authors .

How to Change Blogger Blog's Email ID (Login ID)?

1. Make your blog author an Admin.
2. Click on SAVE .

Doing so will become the 2 admin of your blog. Now login with your new email ID on and go to Setting >> Blog admins and authors and remove the old email ID.

Your email ID will be replaced by With the help of this tutorial, you can replace your email ID. If you are having any problem related to your blog then definitely let us know through the comment so that we can solve all your problems. HAPPY BLOGGING

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