How to Change / Edit your Name and Address in Adsense?

How to change / edit your name and address in Adsense? During registration in Adsense, we fill our address detail, if you have also registered in Adsense, then you will know that when you had registered in Adsense, you filled your address. To verify this address, Adsense sends a letter to your address which contains a PIN. If you have filled your address correctly during registration in Adsense, then Adsense letter will not be available. That is, you cannot verify your address for Adsense.

This is a very common mistake that most people make while registering in Adsense, they make a mistake in writing their address and when Adsense sends a PIN to that address, that PIN (letter) cannot reach you.

Now the question comes whether you can edit your name and address or not?

A few years before today it was not possible that anyone could change or change their address in Adsense. Earlier people who used to fill their address while creating their Adsense account, later they did not get the option to edit their address, due to which their address was not verified, they used to create their second Adsense account.

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But now it is not so that you can edit your address. If you have entered your name or address incorrectly while filling the address, then you can edit your name and address. So let’s know how to edit your address in Adsense.

How to Change / Edit your Name and Address in Adsense?

step 1

How to Change / Edit your Name and Address in Adsense?

1. Login to your Adsense account and click on Payments .

2. You will see your name in a box and will write MANAGE SETTINGS in the corner of the same box , just click on the same MANAGE SETTINGS .

Step – 2

How to Change / Edit your Name and Address in Adsense?

1. On clicking Manage settings , you will see your address detail. You can see in the picture above that this is my address which has been verified, I can edit this address. But I will not do it. But if there is some mistake in your name and address, then you can edit and change it.

2. To edit the address, you have to click on Edit Icon . You can see in the picture above that a pen icon is visible, that is Edit Icon .

Step – 3

How to Change / Edit your Name and Address in Adsense?

1. Name – If you have not spelled your name correctly, that is, there is a spelling mistake, correct it. But if you want to change your name, then it will be against Adsense terms condition. You can edit your name but you cannot change it. If your name is Manoj Sharma then you can write Manoj Kumar Sharma here.

2. Address line 1 and 2 – Here you have to write your address in which place you live.

3. City – Write the name of your town.

4. Postal code – Enter your PIN code here.

5. State – Select your state here.

6. Click SAVE .

The process of changing and editing your name and address is like this, you can easily edit your name and address by following this process.

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If you have entered your address incorrectly or have a spelling mistake, then edit your address, so that there is no problem during address verification and the letter sent through Adsense can reach you.

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