How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

The most important question for a Newbie Blogger is how to design your blog? And this is because everyone wants to design their blog better than other blogs.

There are many bloggers who are trying to design a blog on their blog every day and they get so confused that they are unable to decide how to design the blog properly?

The look of the blog works to add four moons to your blog content. If you want to create your own identity through your blog, then you have to design your blog in a way that is the most unique and unique. But one question comes to my mind that should only the design of the blog be good? No, you have to pay attention to your blog design as well as the content of your blog, because if the design of the blog is good and the post you have written is not good then there is no use of designing a blog.

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And this is what happens in real world, how there are millions, bitter websites and blogs on the Internet, whose design is good but the content of their site is not good. So more than blog design, you should concentrate on your blog content, because I believe that blog design only serves to serve your blog post and if your blog post is not good then your blog as a whole is also not good. .

For example – you can think of your blog as a hotel where you serve food to your visiting customer, if the look, interior and design of your hotel is good but not tasted in whatever food is served in your hotel. Is there any customer coming to your hotel? No, it cannot happen, if a customer has come to your hotel then he will not even step into your hotel again.

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So friends, you must have understood how much his design means for a blog. So let us show you all the ways that you can design your blog well and how to design the content of your blog together so that the look of your blog can improve.

How to design a blog 28 Step By Step Guide

Step 1 – Blog content improve

1. Write at least 10 posts

Many new bloggers start designing their blog only after creating their blog. Or after publishing 1-2 posts start changing the template of your blog. If you also do this then there will be no benefit from doing this, because without blog posts you cannot design your blog at all.

If you want to design your blog, then first publish at least 10 posts in your blog. Only after publishing 10 posts, you can design your blog and you will also know clearly how your blog looks.

To design a blog means to show your blog post properly and if there is not a single post on your blog then you cannot design your blog at all.

2. Create Pages in Blog

There are some important pages in the blog which you have to create like – About us page , privacy policy page , contact us page . All these pages are the main pages of your blog, which you need during designing your blog. Therefore, before designing a blog, you should make all the necessary pages, which you can easily use them while designing the blog.

Friends, it happens many times that people are designing their blog and think that a link to the contact page is to be placed in the menu bar but the contact page is not made, so many other things we miss while designing the blog. And we design our blog in a way to design a blog. But will you be able to give your blog the look you want? No, so before designing a blog you have to publish 10 posts and necessary pages on your blog.

STEP 2 – Template change

3. Change the Template

The most important and important job of designing a blog is to change the theme of your blog template . You will know that the default themes that are in the blog’s look and design are very common. Which to design and not to do is the same.

So, according to the way you want to see your blog, choose the theme and put it on your blog. Try to choose a theme for your blog that you will not change in the future, as it happens that most bloggers apply a theme of their choice to their blog but after a few days they change the theme as well.

By changing the theme again and again, you will have to design the blog again and again, if you do this, you can never give your blog a unique look. So do not put any such theme on your blog in a hurry that you have to change later.

You will find many such themes on the Internet that you can download for free and use on your blog. Just you have to decide what your blog should look like and search the theme accordingly.

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4. Disable Mobile template

Even after changing the template in Blogger blog, if you open your blog through your mobile, then your blog will not look like you have changed the theme, because blogger blog has a default theme set for mobile, which We can easily disable it.

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

1. Login to your blogger dashboard and click on Theme .
2. Click on Setting Icon . (Follow the image given above)
3. No. Select Show desktop theme on mobile device .
4. Click on Save .

Many bloggers are very concerned about the design of their blog, that their blog looks something else in the computer screen and something else in the mobile screen. All you have to do is disable the mobile template of your blog. As you do this, the theme you have applied for your blog will look the same in mobile and computer.

Design a blog

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

Any blog has 4 sections –

  1. Header section
  2. Main section
  3. Sidebar section
  4. Footer section

Only these four sections have to be designed. So let’s tell you about how to design them all.

STEP 3 – Design Header section

5. Create Your Blog Logo

The logo of the blog is the nameplate of your blog, whenever someone comes to your blog, first of all see the logo of your blog. Therefore, the logo of the blog is also an important part of your blog design and you cannot ignore it.

You need to create a nice and stylish logo for your blog. You can also create a logo for your blog online for free or you can take help of Photoshop. All you have to do is make a beautiful logo of your blog and put it on your blog.

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6. Put Favicon in your blog

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

When you open your blog, the Favicon browser tab of your blog is visible. It seems like a small thing but it is also a part of the blog design. When you open your blog, the default favicon display of your blog is displayed in your browser tab.

If you have created your blog in, then your blog will have Blogger favicon display, which states that your blog is created through To give your blog a professional look, you have to change the favicon of your blog so that no one can look at your blog favicon and say “this blog is made on”.

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7. Create Menu Bar

Whenever you change a theme on your blog, you have to edit its menu bar. You edit your blog menu bar and put a link to your blog content, page, category in it.

The menu bar is used to navigate your blog and designing it is also very important. You can also put a drop-down menu bar on your blog so that your blog looks like a professional website.

STEP 4 – Main Section design

Your blog posts are visible in the main section of the blog and it is also important to design. Whenever a visitor comes to your blog, first of all, he sees your blog header and then reads your blog main section, so if you do not design your blog post well then the design of your blog is also bad. Will appear

8. Set the size of the blog post font

On the Internet, you will find many such blogs whose font size is so small that it is difficult to read, no one can read such blogs for much longer. You have to set your blog post font size so that anyone can read your blog post easily.

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9. Do not use much color text in blog posts

Some bloggers make their blog very colorful, do not do it because people are irritable while reading the post due to having more colorful posts and because of that the look of your blog also looks bad.

10. Use image in blog post

You must have used the image in a blog post, due to which the look and design of your blog post becomes effective. But do you know that the image should be put in the blog post? Most people use their image at the top of their blog post, this is a common practice.

But using the image at the top of the blog post reduces the impact of the image. Whenever a visitor reads your blog post, first you see your blog post title and then your blog image. I think there is no need to place an image below the post title because the post title already tells about your blog post.

If you put your blog image below the first paragraph, then your post will look impressive and the effect of the image will also be very high.

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Many bloggers do not use image in their blog posts and even if they use image, then their image is not so attractive. So if you want to make the main section of your blog attractive, then put an attractive image under the first paragraph of your blog post.

Update – We do not use image on our blog post, just use the image which is required.

11. Highlight Keyword

Whatever main-main lines and paragraphs are in the blog post, you can show it in bold , italic and blockquotes. By doing this, the design of your blog post will improve and due to the detail text , it will be eye catching.

12. You can use Emoji

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

You can also use emoji in a blog post to give it a very good look. Nowadays, emoji is sent on social networks like Facebook, whatsapp to share your feeling and emotion. Through emoji you can give an attractive look to your blog post, due to which the design of your blog will also improve.

13. Change Header font color

Whenever you write a post, in some paragraph title you use h2, h3 and h4 header tags , so that people know what you are referring to about whom. All you have to do is change your header font color.

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

By doing this, the look and design of your blog post also looks good and people are also attracted while reading your blog post.

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14. Use the related post widget

In blog template, this widget is by-default but if your blog theme does not have related post widget then you will find many related post widgets on the internet which display the blog post related to your post at the end. The related post widget makes the look of your blog post even better and visitors also read your other related posts.

15. Put the author profile at the end of the blog post

Through author profile you can give good look to your blog post. Author profile is displayed at the end of the blog post, so that visitors know who has written the post. When a visitor reads your blog post in full, then he sees your profile, due to which the people know the identity of your blog.

By applying author profile, it can give a good look to your blog post. So at the end of the post, you give a nice photo of yourself and some information about yourself to the people.

Most blog templates provide author profile display at the end of a blog post. But there are also some blog templates in which you have to manually set your author profile. Read the article below to know how to put author profile in blog post.

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16. Social share icon लगाए

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

At the beginning of your blog post or at the end, put a social sharing button so that people can share your post. By applying social share button your blog looks like a professional blog. You can also put floating social share button in your blog to give a better look to your blog, which is visible along with being a blog scroll.

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STEP 5 – Design the blog sidebar

The blog sidebar contains additional information related to the blog. Designing the sidebar of a blog means that which widget you will use in the sidebar of your blog. You must use some of the widgets according to the widget below so that the design of your blog looks like a professional blog.

17. Use Social Follow us widget

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

By putting social follow widget in the sidebar, you give information about your social sites to the visitors coming to your blog and because of this the design of your blog also improves. Social follow widget is not only beautiful in appearance but people are also attracted to see it.

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18. Add Popular post widget

Your blog sidebar should have a popular post widget so that people can know what is the most popular post in your blog. While designing a blog, it is very important to take care of the visitors who come to your blog and it is also important to tell them which post is the most read on your blog.

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19. Add Category widget

The design and look of a blog is only from its navigation system, if the design of your blog is very good but the navigation system is not good then it can have a bad effect on your blog. So add category widget in your sidebar so that visitors have no problem navigating your blog.

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20. Add Facebook like box

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

You can also add Facebook like box widget to your blog sidebar while designing your blog . Facebook like box gives information about your Facebook page and any visitor can also directly like your Facebook page through Facebook like box widget.

21. Add Random post widget

Just as the popular post widget shows the popular posts of your blog, the random post widget shows your blog posts randomly in your blog, due to which the visitor is informed about the new and random posts. The main function of this widget is that it always displays different posts on your blog, which makes the look of your blog sidebar look different every time.

22. Recent comment and recent post widget

Recent comment and post widget gives information about recent comment and recent post in your blog sidebar. You will know that visitors are more interested in reading a blog comment and in such a way, if you show a recent comment in your blog sidebar, then visitors will also read it.

Recent comment and recent post widget works like the latest news on your blog, it gives information about the latest comment and recent post on your blog. While designing the blog, you can inform the visitor which comment and post is latest by applying this widget on your blog.

23. Make Sidebar widget sticky/floating

If you have basic knowledge of editing HTML code, then you can make your sidebar sticky. In WordPress blog you can make your sidebar sticky with sticky plugins .

Sometimes we write very long posts and when visitors scroll through the blog while reading our post, then there is nothing in the sidebar, you can make some widget of your sidebar sticky so that while scrolling, the sidebar’s widget is visible Kept on coming

STEP 6 – Footer design

Just as the sidebar gives additional information related to the blog post, the blog footer contains blog contact details. To design a blog footer, you have to use the widget in your blog footer. You can use the below widget for blog footer design.

24. Subscription widget

How to design a blog? 28 Step By Step Guide

Visitors subscribe to your blog with the subscription widget and whenever you publish a new post on your blog, its information is given to Subscriber via email. Subscription widget should be in every blog, it increases the look of your blog as well as makes your blog attractive.

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25. Give a link to the important page (add link widget)

You must definitely add a link to your important page like – about us, contact us, privacy policy in your blog footer . By giving the link of the required page, the trust of your visitors increases on you and they also like your blog.

26. Add Contact form widget

Visitors who want to contact you personally can contact you through the contact form. If you have created a contact us page for your blog, then there is no need to install contact form widget .

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27. Edit credit information

Blog footer contains the name of the template designer, for example, if you are using a blogger theme, then ” Powered by Blogger ” must be written in your blog footer , or if you are using a different theme on your blog. The footer will contain the name of the template designer. Just you have to edit this credit information so that no one can see your blog footer and tell which theme you are using.

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If you want to give professional look to your blog design, then you have to edit the credit information from your blog footer.


28. Adjust Blog color

After all the section design of the blog is done, you have to adjust your blog color i.e. to change the blog background color. But many bloggers first start to adjust their blog background color and then design their blog. Always remember one thing that unless you design your blog, that is, you cannot adjust your blog background color until you have set what will happen on your blog, if you do this then later You will have to adjust the color again.

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So friends , how to design our blog post today Tell us how you liked through the comment. If you want to ask us something, you can ask us. Friends, designing a blog differently depends on your thinking and you will design your blog the way you think.

Many bloggers design copy of another blog and use it on their blog, do not do it at all. Design your blog with your thinking and creativity, and we sincerely hope that you will do so. Today, we have given you some ways to design a blog, but these are just a few ways but you can make your blog very much with your thinking and creativity. You can make good and good looking. Happy Blogging