How to download movies from MX Player?

How to download movies from MX Player? MX Player is a video Player and Streamming app for android and IOS. The app is available for free download on both the App Store and Play store. In recent times, MX player has been adding different movies and TV shows on their platform. You can stream them for free on their app. But if you want to know How to download movies from MX Player. I’ll share with you a simple method that can help you download the videos. The following methods just not work with MX player but you can also use this with any website with video links.

MX player Offline vs Download

Before I start with this method, Let’s take a look between Offline and Download. If you simply want to watch a movie or Tv show, When you are not connected to the internet. Then you can just simply offline the video. What that means is, The video will be saved on your local device and you can watch it whenever you want.

The only thing here is you can only watch it from the MX player and can’t share the Movie or Tv show from your device. It is similar to Youtube offline videos. If you are looking to get the following type of download (offline), Then it’s quite simple and I’ll share with you just in a minute. But if you want to learn How to download movies from MX Player that is saved in your local device that you can share and transfer, I’ll share that method too.

How to offline video in MX player

1. Open the MX player application, And look for the online video section.

2. In the online video section, You’ll find all types of movies, songs, Tv shows. Now you need to select the video you want to offline.

3. If you want to offline a whole series, You can do so from the app itself. 

4. Once you open the video, In the bottom center you’ll find a download option. You just need to press the button

5. Now the download will start, And according to your internet connection, the download will complete. Now whenever you open the app, You’ll find the downloaded video in the offline section. 

How to download movies from MX Player

If you have do not wish to offline videos. And want to download the videos from MX player. Then this method will help you achieve that.

1. Open the MX player app, And start streaming the video you wish to download. 

2. After the video is loaded, You need to click on the 3 dotted bar in the top-right corner of the app. 

3. Here you’ll find an option for tools, Click on that and choose share. Copy the following link in your clipboard. 

4. Download the ADM app from the following link. Open the application and click on the + button. Once the popup appears you need to paste the link in the box.

5. After doing the following, It will automatically detect the extension of the file and you just need to click on the download button. That’s it. Now you can share this video on any platform as it will be saved in your local disk.

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