How to get Ex. girlfriend back?

Have you ever thought that the feeling of being with you gives you the strength to fight the whole world, that will be different from you. But it is not that he was together before and not today, he cannot be with you again.

It may be, of course, but it is necessary for him to make the right plan and follow it. To listen to your heart and then balance it with the mind.

She was once your love You had the support of your life, sometimes both of you have dreamed of your future together.

But today you have parted ways. The world says that she is no longer with you. But who should explain this united heart? He still remembers her today. Beats just hearing his name.

Even after wishing for a million, you cannot forget it. You want him to be with you once again. Once the love of both of you starts again.

But for him, heart will not work. This work will be done with a little thought and with caution every step. A little mistake can make you fall from his eyes in such a way that you might not get a chance to turn around again.

How to get Ex. girlfriend back?

1. Give them space
2. Talk after a few din
3. Respect their decision
4. Do not show favor
5. Give gifts
6. Make you feel jealous
7. Write letters
8. Patience Read further to know in
detail –

1. Give them space

Since she has been angry with you, you are in constant contact with her. Everybody is trying to believe it. Sometimes phone, message, sometimes sms. Any way to reach your heart, you have not missed any opportunity.

Suppose your heart is broken and you are doing such a thing because of your feelings. But wait, it is not that in the process of showing your love you are falling from your eyes.

First of all, end all contact with your old girlfriend. Even they feel your lack. No phone, no letter, no message, no sms, nothing. No contact of any kind.

Although this is a bit difficult, but remember that after a few days you will realize that perhaps what you did was right.

2. Talk after a few days

After some time call your ex girlfriend and talk. Ask her about whether she would like to have a friendship relationship? That means you can be friends and stay together. Wait for his answer.

You can also apologize to yourself about the ended relationship between your two. You can tell him that some things can be done better between you two. Make sure that your style of talking is normal.

3. Respect their decision

Regardless of any reason the relationship ended, but always respect his decision. You should not make him realize that it was his fault in ending the relationship or he should not have done it. 

If you do not appreciate his decision, it means that you do not appreciate him.

Appreciating her decision It seems that you were honest in your relationship, loved her, so ignore your personal consent and appreciate her decision.

But yes, if someone else has come in his life, don’t forget to spoil their relationship.

4. Do not show favor

There is no place of favor in love. Whatever you do for each other, somewhere behind you your happiness was hidden. So never make him realize what you have done for him. Of course he will also remember this. Both of you have lived those memories together.

How can she forget them? By mentioning those things, you reduce your importance. It is not a good habit to tell someone after doing something for them. Girls are emotional, by mentioning these things, you will hurt them. So it is important that whenever you talk to them, your tone should be soft.

5. Give a gift

What if he is not with you? A gift can also be given to a friend. ” Gift ” plays an important role in winning the hearts of girls . It is said that the things which you cannot get into alphabets, it is very easily said ” Your gift “. Yes, keep in mind that it is not the price of the gift, but the emotion hidden behind it.

Many times, only flowers are enough to speak your heart. Your gift should be special and romantic. It would be even better if you give him the gift of his choice. If you really want to be an important part of your ex girlfriend’s life, then the gift is not enough.

You have to show him that you love and care for him. Tell her that she did not get away from your eyes even for a moment. You have only seen her dream with closed eyes and open eyes.

6. Get jealous

An effective way to achieve your ex girlfriend. But it is like boomerang. A little mistake and the whole matter is over. This is a very important step. Let him make you happy.

Make one of your girlfriends realize that you have completely forgotten and gone ahead. Flirt and joke with everyone During this time he will expect you to be sad and sad without him.

But when she sees this happy style of yours, then she will obviously feel jealous. So be happy Your happiness will help bring her closer to you.

7. Write the letter

Write him a cute letter. Write down your feelings completely on paper. In this letter you should show respect and love towards him. You should feel what a good feeling you have in your heart. 

If you feel that you cannot write a letter, then send it to your heart through your recorded voice. You can also send it to his mobile.

8. Be Patient

Patience is always sweet. It will take time for him to realize what he has lost. With this, you also try to become a better person. The next time he sees you in a new and changed style, he should be waaawwww in his heart.

He should feel that you are much better than last time. Maybe it will cause some stir in his heart. Do not lose your strengths. Remember what she used to be angry with about you and how many of them you have improved.

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