How to grow a beard naturally? 8 ways

In today’s time, having a beard has become a bit of a fashion. The younger generation wants to leave a smooth face and shave on the face. Anyway, the old elders used to say that having a beard is a sign of a man. Everyone used to have beards in olden times, whether in real life or in films. Then slowly came the era of smooth faces, be it the elderly or the boys all loved the smooth face. But now the same old fashion of shaving has come again.

Just like women like bearded men, nowadays girls like bearded boys. Having a beard is also very important to have a proper beard. If someone gets a proper beard, then half of someone is incomplete and some people do not have a beard at all.

Those whose beards are incomplete or who do not come face a lot of problems. But there is no need for you people to worry, we also have treatment for this. Yes, we have domestic methods as well as natural methods.

Ways to grow a beard

If you want a shave on your face, then read all the methods given below and try the method you like. We think you should adopt a domestic method once.

First of all you have to do facial care

For the development of anything, it is necessary to take care of it first. If you also want to shave on your face, then take care of your face. In a natural form, it is fine for those who have a heavy beard on their face, but those who have little or no face will have to work a little harder. We have given you some important measures below, with the help of which you can keep your face clean.

1. Diet

It is known from the face of the people about your family background and diet. Eat healthy food, nutrition, vitamin diet and vegetables. In all of these you will get plenty of vitamins and minerals, which will keep your face clean and grow your beard properly.

2. Exercise

It has always been said that exercise kills your illnesses. When you do any kind of exercise, you sweat a lot, that sweat takes out your illnesses and keeps you fit and fine. Exercise increases your blood circulation, which gives growth to every part of your body. Your face also becomes clear instantly.

3. Do not stress

Whenever you feel stressed, it slowly weakens your body. Being under stress, your male hormones become ill and this has a negative effect on every part of your body. Stress is known only from the face. So try not to feel stressed.

4. Take a rest

It is also very important for a healthy body to have complete sleep. You should sleep for 7-9 hours a day because you will feel fresh when you are full of sleep. If you are healthy, then your face will also improve.

Home ways to grow a beard

If your beard is incomplete or does not come, then there is no need to worry. Wherever you are cursing your family members, if my father does not even come, then my words will come. We also have domestic methods with which you can grow a proper shave on your face.

5. Shaving

If you want to see the beard on your face soon then we would prefer you to start shave. The more you shave, the sooner your beard will grow. You can shave 2 times a week. By shaving, the whole hair comes together. You must have seen someone often that if his beard is more, then you will not like it less. So start shaving from today itself.

6. Amla and Mustard

Applying amla and mustard on the face will help your beard to grow in proper shave. Rub the Indian gooseberry oil in your hands and then apply it on the face where the beard grows, do this for 20 minutes and then wash it with water. You can also do this step with mustard oil and this will also be very helpful.

7. Cinnamon

First you will need cinnamon powder, then mix lemon juice and make a paste. Apply this paste on your face and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash it with cold water. You can do this 3 times a week.

8. Supplements can also be used

There is no harm in this that you are using supplements to grow your beard. What is needed to grow a beard – iron, vitamin B / D, copper, magnesium and zinc. If you get all this in a supplement, then what is the evil? We would prefer you to use recommended supplements. Nowadays there are many companies in the market that sell supplements to grow beards and people are using them. So you can use this also.