How to have a blond baby? What to do if you want a blond child?

The blonde baby is what every pregnant woman wants. By the way, whether the child is fair or dark, it is the form of God. Today we will tell you about some diet that you take during pregnancy, then your baby will be born blond. Let’s know about such a diet.

How to have a blond baby?

1. Drink milk with saffron

Yes, we know that many of you may have heard of milk containing saffron. Boil a small quantity of saffron daily with a glass of milk. It is believed that saffron has some special qualities that are capable of blonding the color of both mother and child.

But here you have to be especially careful not to use saffron in excess because there is a risk of uterine contractions in the uterus.

But small amounts of saffron also help in reducing the symptoms of pregnancy such as blood pressure and mood swings. Also, you get a lot of nutrients from milk.

2. Eat Coconuts

It is believed that eating coconut produces a baby fair complexion. So start eating coconut in limited quantity from today.

There are many benefits from eating coconut and drinking its water, such as its water will improve the hydration level of your body, you will get the necessary electrolytes, reduce mental stress, sleep will be better. Not only this, coconut is also very helpful in reducing morning weakness occurring in pregnancy.

3. Drink Milk

It is believed that if a blonde child like milk should drink milk, then everyone has their own opinion about how much truth is there in this matter.

But what is the harm in doing it because milk is considered a good drinkable during pregnancy. Research even says that drinking it daily will produce a good body of the child.

So do not forget to drink a glass of milk before going to bed every night at night, because of this the child inside you will develop well and you will get good nutrition as well as sleep will also be good.

4. Eat Eggs

You must have heard that eat eggs everyday on Sunday or Monday. Yes, egg is also a diet that people recommend to eat in order to have blond children. It is said that by eating the white part of the egg daily in the second trimester, the baby is born clean.

You definitely get a lot of nutrients like eggs, protein, vitamin and minerals from which your baby develops well and the child is born healthy.

5. Almonds

Soak some almonds in water every night and chew them well with milk in the morning. This will make both the baby’s skin and health beautiful.

Apart from this, you will get many other benefits from almonds, like the protein found in it will keep the health of both mother and baby and the child will be born of good weight.

With its fibers, you will get rid of constipation problem during pregnancy. With this vitamin-E, you and your baby’s skin and hair will be good. Calcium will make your baby’s bones stronger.

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