How to impress a girl? 7 awesome tips

No one knows what girls think and feel because every girl has different feelings and thinking. But you can bring changes in yourself to bring you a trend towards girls, which will attract girls towards you, due to which they can also be impressed by you. Today we are going to tell some similar measures on ABC, which by trying it, you can impress any girl.

How to impress a girl?

1. Pay attention to Look

Pay attention to your look – they don’t say First impression is Last impression , and if you want to impress girls, then you have to refine your impression. Girls not only look at your body but also give more importance to your outlook.

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2. Always be tip-top

Stay mesa tip-top , wear clean and clean clothes. Clean clothes reflect your clean character. And clothes are the only identity of our existence. More flashy clothes can also spoil your relationship, because flamboyant clothes look like rude to us.

Wear clean and clean clothes but not enough. Clothing must have proper iron. It is a matter of common sense that if you wear clothes then it is necessary to iron it, if you do not, you will be called a clown who does not know how to wear clothes.

If you do not look fresh, wear as clean and new clothes as you will feel dull. Therefore daily bathing is also necessary.

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3. Apply perfume

Use perfume well. Do not use any perfume that has pungent smell. This can drive away the people around you. And girls will not come close to you. So always use such perfume which has smell light.

4. Footwear should also be good

Take care of your footwear too. Yes, girls pay attention to boys’ clothing as well as their footwear. So whatever footwear you wear, clean it properly or polish it if possible.

5. Focus on Outlook

Your hairstyle is also included in Outlook. Nowadays there is a trend of having long hair. Suppose you have long hair scattered and you are talking to a girl, then will that girl feel comfortable. Some things are only for girls, if you have long hair like girls, then you are not a boy but a girl, if you want to impress a girl, then come in well as boys.

The dress color combination must also be correct. The shirt you are wearing does not match with your pant or your shirt and pant matches but your footwear does not match. Do not present you in front of girls like Indradhanush. You have to impress the girl and not become the character of their laughter.

Decent human girls like it very much. Civilized means how you see or give respect to others. This skill every girl wants to see in her boyfriend.

6. Helping and be a good boy

Girls like boys who help. The boy who is always ready to help others, has already made a place for himself in the hearts of girls. Because everyone has to bear the problem at some time, and in such a situation first of all your name will come because you help everyone.

Learn to say thank you, sorry, sorry, because it enhances your image and brightens your existence.

Boys who respect people are very fond of girls, boys who know how to give respect are always impressive in the eyes of others.

7. Think then say

There are some boys who speak anything without thinking, they do not matter whether the person in front likes their words or not. Do not do this at all.

Girls do not like to hear comments. Girls are leaving and boys are being commented behind their back. In such a situation, you forget that you can impress that girl. So girls do not comment.

Do not say dirty jokes to make girls laugh. With this, instead of impressing them, you get hostility.