How to increase Google Adsense earnings? 18 popular ways

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How to increase Google Adsense earnings? I sometimes wonder what will happen if Google stops its Adsense service forever? Would you like blogging? Whenever this thought comes in my mind, I think that the number of millions of blogs that are created every day will be reduced, and what will those who are earning well through Adsense do?

If a full time blogger is asked what is the source of his earnings? So their answer would be ” Adsense “. Today, everyone wants to earn money through their blog, and their desire is that once they get Adsense approval on their blog then life will be successful. But does it happen? Is life set after Adsense approval?

Those people whose adsense has been approved can answer this better.

For example – Have you ever participated in a game? You must have participated in the race competition in your school. Do you think that without practice you can come first in the race competition? No, you will first need to practice and train, after that you are ready to race.

We can understand blogging and Adsense like a race competition, as you prepare and practice before taking part in any race competition, you have to make your blog worth it for Adsense approval. Once your blog is eligible for Adsense, then you get Adsense approval, after that you can put Adsense Ad on your blog. But you cannot earn good money just by placing Adsense Ad on your blog.

Today we will give you some reasons, some remedies and some suggestions, so that you can increase your blog’s Adsense earnings.

How to increase Google Adsense Earning?

If you want to increase your Adsense earnings then definitely read our article today so that you understand all the ways related to increasing Adsense earnings.

1. Blog Content

Google Adsense is a contextual ad network, meaning that Adsense Ad is visible according to the content of your blog. If you are writing such an article on your blog in which there is a problem of showing Ads to Adsense, then Adsense will never show a high CPC ad on your blog post.

For example – Suppose you have created an inspirational blog and you publish a motivational article on your blog daily, then when Adsense Ad will scan your blog post then it will have a problem to show Ad according to your blog post. There are very few Adsense Ads related to inspirational articles and all the ads related to inspirational articles are of low CPC.

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Adsense is the best way to increase earnings, publish articles on your blog that are not free such as health, technology, tips, tips, insurance, reviews etc.

Always remember that Adsense decides your Ad CPC according to your blog. And if you see a Low CPC Ad on your blog, then your Adsense earnings will also be less.

Therefore, it would be better that you publish such articles in your blog, in which high CPC Adsense Ad can be seen.

2. Multi Niche Blog

Multi Niche Blog means to publish articles on many topics in the same blog, such as health, education, fashion, beauty tips, blogging, technology, and publish the subject in a single blog. If you do this then your Adsense CPC will be less and due to which your Adsense earnings will also be less.

As you continue to add new topics to your blog, the Adsense CPC will decrease, and in the end Adsense earnings will also decrease.

If you have created many categories in your blog, then remove those categories from your blog and keep the same category related to your blog topic. Many bloggers create categories like sms, shayari, status, jokes, quotes, on their blog, but they do not know that this is the biggest reason that Adsense’s earnings on your blog are so low.

If you have categories like shayari, status, jokes, quotes, etc. in your blog then remove it from your blog immediately. Because there are very low Adsense Ad shows on such category.

3. Hindi Blog

If you have created a Hindi blog then your Adsense CPC and earnings will be less. Adsense gives Ad so that product purchase is done through its Ad, suppose that after clicking on Adsense Ad in your blog, no one buys, then will Adsense show ads on your blog that will be related to product purchase? No, because there is no use of Adsense and advertiser in it. That is why in Hindi blogs, only people with basic promotion are seen.

Adsense knows which ad show on which blog will benefit everyone. Especially the people of India do not buy any product by clicking on Ad, but they click on Ad to get information. Everyone wants it for free, every Indian has his own shopping site from where he purchases his product.

Most of the visitors in Hindi blog are from India, because Hindi language is the most read in India. And in India, earnings are also low due to the low Adsense cpc.

If you want to earn good Adsense from your Hindi blog, then you have to increase the traffic of your blog.

4. Improve Spelling Mistakes

Spelling is a mistake while writing a blog post, so before publishing your blog post, definitely read your post once. Too many spelling mistakes in blog posts can also affect your Adsense earnings.

Now you must be wondering what is the relationship between Adsense earnings and spelling mistakes? So we can tell you that Google Analytic, Google Webmaster, Google search engine and Google Adsense are all services of Google itself. Google knows about what is on your blog, how is it, how much is it, how much is right, how much time people spend on your blog.

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Due to too many spelling mistakes, visitors are unable to read your blog post properly, due to which visitors will leave your blog. The average view-able time of your blog will also be less and in such a way Adsense Ad will not be able to show appropriate Ad on your blog. Which reduces your Adsense earnings.

So avoid making spelling mistakes in your blog post and modify your old blog post and correct the spelling mistakes in it.

5. Do not use too much Ad Unit

Some bloggers start using a lot of Adsense Ad Unit in their blog to increase their Adsense earning, they feel that if there is more ad show then clicks will be more and earning will also increase. Yes, they are right to think, adding more ad increases the chances of getting clicked on ad and also leads to more clicks. But using more Ad units reduces CPC, due to which it has a bad effect on earnings.

You have created your blog to show visitors your blog and not to show them Ad. Visitor gets irritated by applying more on Ad blog. That is why we should focus main attention on our blog visitors.

And the point is that if you earn Adsense, then you get less CPC by using more Ad. So if you want to earn good Adsense, then do not irritate the visitors coming to your blog and set your Ad number according to the content.

6. Ad Placement

Ad placement means putting an ad on your blog in a place where the most clicks occur. You can increase your Adsense earnings by placing an Ad in the Header of your blog, below the title, in the middle of the post, at the end of the post and in the sidebar.

You must have seen that the Ad placed in the Header and Sidebar earns the most and its CPC is also higher than the rest of the Ad Unit. This is because when Adsense scans your blog to show Ad, it first scans your content and shows the best Ad on the Header.

Better Ad means better CPC. If you have placed an Ad in the Sidebar of your blog, then you will know that the Ad with Sidebar does not get much clicks but its CPC is very good.

To increase Adsense earnings, you have to understand the Ad placement of your blog, disable the Ad Unit which is not earning well and monitor your Adsense earnings for some time.

7. Use Responsive Ad Unit

Many bloggers will tell you that Banner Ad, which is 336 × 280, 300 × 250, 728 × 90 and 300 × 600, performs well. But I believe that such Ad Unit unnecessarily captures the space of your blog. Because –

  • If you have installed horizontal banner Ad (728 × 90) on your blog, then it will not be properly visible on the mobile screen.
  • If you have rectangular banner Ad on your blog (336 × 280, 300 × 250) then it will appear properly on the mobile screen but occupies a lot of space on the computer screen. You can understand through the picture below that when we put rectangular banner ad on our blog, it takes up a lot of space on the computer screen.
Google Adsense Earning Kaise Badhaye 18 popular tarike

Therefore, such an ad unit should always be installed in the blog, which is visible on the screen and does not capture the wasteful space on the blog. Meaning that you should put a responsive Ad Unit on your blog, the responsive Ad Unit adjusts itself according to the screen size and when the Ad looks well on every screen size then the chances of getting clicked on it also increases and Adsense earnings also will improve.

8. Use Adsense Auto Ad

Recently Adsense has added a new feature Ad called Auto Ad , with its help you can increase your Adsense earnings. Auto Ad automatically places the Ad by choosing the best location in your blog, meaning that you no longer have to worry about Ad placement.

9. Low Performing Ad Category को Block करें

You must have read this method on many websites that to increase Adsense earnings, block the ad category which is not performing well on your blog. But have you got the right information related to it? No, I have not found any such information till today that can tell how the Ad category is blocked. Today we will tell you about it. So you too must follow it so that you can block those ads from your blog which do not give you good money.

Some Ad perform well on our blog and there are some which are displayed on the blog but no one clicks on it, even if there are clicks on those Ad, then the earning from them is not that good. And by blocking similar Ad category, we can improve our Adsense earnings. All you have to do is follow the guide given below.

1. Go to your Adsense dashboard and click on Blocking Controls .
2. Click on Content >> All sites .
3. Click Manage General Categories .
4. Now you have to see the category in which the impression is very much, but through it there is less.
5. Which Ad category is not doing very well perform the block turn.

All you have to do is monitor your Adsense earnings for 15 days after blocking. Your Adsense earnings will definitely improve.

10. Custom Adsense Channel बनाए

You can create a custom channel by going to your Adsense dashboard >> Reports >> Manage custom channels >> Add channel . Through the custom channel, you can give basic information about your Ad Unit, such as – what type of Ad is it, said will be displayed, what is the topic of your blog. They see the basic information advertiser and also bid on the Ad of your blog. You can also increase your Adsense earnings by creating an Adsense Custom channel.

11. Set Adsense Ad Balance

12. Keep checking Adsense opportunities

Google Adsense gives you many opportunities by which you can increase your Adsense earnings.

To check Adsense opportunity, go to Optimization >> opportunities , here you get opportunities related to Adsense earnings from time to time, which follow to increase Adsense earnings. So always keep checking your Adsense opportunities.

13. Don’t Copy Paste

If you publish an article by copy paste on your blog, you will always get less Adsense CPC. Now you must have wondered what it means to copy paste? There are two ways of copy paste.

  1. Copy paste and then publish the post.
  2. Copy paste and then publish the post after editing.

There are a large number of bloggers who copy from other blogs, modify it and publish it on their blogs. Some bloggers convert Hindi content to Hinglish and publish it on their blog. By doing this, you improve the content of your blog, but your Adsense CPC will decrease.

So never copy paste, if there is such content on your blog that you copy paste, delete it immediately.

14. Do not change Ad position frequently

Adsense CPC is also low by repeatedly changing Ad location on your blog. If you have installed 4 Ad Unit on your blog, then monitor it for at least 1 month, and change the location of the Ad Unit which is not performing well.

Initially all bloggers earn low Adsense which happens with everyone, but most bloggers keep changing Ad location on their blog daily or create new Ad Unit on their blog.

If you also do this, then you have to change your habit so that any Ad Unit gets some time to perform well and your earnings can improve.

15. Keep checking Adsense Policy center

If you want to earn well through Google Adsense, then it is important to follow all the terms and conditions of Adsense . Sometimes on our blog, we write some content that does not follow the guidelines of Adsense and when this happens, Adsense informs you via email.

Whenever your blog violates Adsense’s guideline, then you can see its violation report through Adsense dashboard, and you can improve it in time.

By going to Settings >> Policy Center , you can check the Adsense violation on your blog and modify it according to the guidelines of Adsense. If you want to earn good money through Adsense, then you have to follow the rules of Adsense, so always keep checking your Adsense policy center and solve it immediately whenever any violation report comes.

16. Modify blog’s top ten post

The top ten of every blog are posts that are read by the most visitors. There will also be 10 such posts in your blog which will be read the most daily. Top 10 posts means that the top 10 blog posts that get the most visitors and through which your Adsense Ad is clicked.

It is obvious that the chances of getting clicked on Adsense Ad on the post which is read the most will be very high. In such a situation, you will have to modify your top 10 posts. Modifying a blog post improves the number of traffic coming in it, and Adsense earnings will also increase if traffic increases.

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17. Improve Organic traffic

Organic traffic means visitor coming to the blog through search engine. If most visitors to your blog come through social network, direct or referral, then your Adsense CPC is low, due to which Adsense earnings are also low.

You will want that if you earn very well overnight through Adsense, this is not possible. You have to wait a long time for this, and if you talk about organic traffic, then you will have to write seo friendly content on your blog .

  • How to improve organic traffic?

It has been found from a survey that visitors who come through Organic traffic spend the most time on the blog because they need some information, so they search by typing something on the search engine. The bounce rate of organic visitors is also very low, and when such visitors click on Ad, they are most interested in that Ad.

Overall, to increase Adsense earnings, you will need organic traffic on your blog. So convert your blog post to quality content and make it seo friendly .

18. Perform Adsense ad experiment

This is the best way to increase your Adsense earnings. Google Adsense also gives you the opportunity to experiment on your Adsense Ad Unit. You can change the font color, border color, background color and ad format of your Ad Unit by implementing it on your Ad Unit.

By modifying your Adsense Ad, you can attract visitors to your blog to click on the ad, which will improve the click and also earn.

You can modify your Ad Unit by going to Optimization >> Experiments .

So friends implement all these measures on your blog so that your Adsense earnings can increase. We sincerely hope that our article today how to increase Google Adsense earnings will help to increase your Adsense earnings. If you have to ask anything from us, then you should tell through comments. HAPPY BLOGGING

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