How to make Blogger Image SEO Friendly?

How to make Blogger Image SEO Friendly? To make your blog post in the top rank of search engine, we make our blog post SEO friendly, if you know even a little bit about SEO, then you must know that without SEO, It takes a lot of time to get a good rank on the search engine. SEO only works to push your blog post to search engine so that your blog post can perform well on search engine. If we talk about making blog posts SEO friendly, then there are 2 types of content in blog posts.

  1. Text
  2. Image

While writing our blog post, we optimize it so that the search engine can understand our post content. But have you ever thought how search engine understand any image, whose image it is.

Have you ever searched an image in Google? Whenever you search on an image search engine, you type a keyword accordingly. Suppose we want the image of ELEPHANT then we will search it on Google search engine.

A lot of elephant’s image shows as soon as ELEPHANT is searched, but sometimes you have wondered how the search engine knows whether this image is of elephant or any other animal. So now here comes the image optimization, that is, to make the image SEO friendly.

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Making the image SEO friendly means that the search engine can understand the image of what this image is, so that it can show it in its search results.

The file format of any image is JPG, PNG, which the search engine cannot understand, but if we add additional information to our image, then the search engine reads the same information and it gets to know what this image is Belongs to

Today we are going to tell you how to make the image SEO friendly in your blogger posts so that the search engine can understand your post image and show it in your image search result.

How to make Blogger Image SEO Friendly? Full Hindi Guide

Whenever you upload an image in your blog post, a link is made to that image, and the name of your photo is also written in this link. For example- Suppose I am going to upload a photo in my blog post named- acchibaat-icon and if I upload this image in my blogger post then a link will be created for this image, which also includes its name Will happen.

If you change your image URL, then you will know that a link has been created according to the name of your image. You can see in the image above that an image URL link has been created by the name of the image I uploaded.

Now you must have understood that the name of any image works to create its URL link. So whenever you upload any image in your blog post, first write its name related to your image so that its URL link is created by the name of the image itself.

With the name associated with the image in the image URL, the search engine identifies that image and understands what the image is about.

You must have fully understood that the search engine can understand what the image is from your photo URL link, but apart from this, we also have to add some additional information to our blog image so that the search engine can image even better To identify.

To add additional information to our blog post image means that we add the properties of our image. So let’s tell you how to add properties to the blog post image.

How to add properties to image?

Whenever you add an image to your blog post and click on the image after adding the image, you see a Setting Icon, by clicking on the Setting Icon in this menu bar, we add properties to our image. Can.

On clicking on Setting Icon you get the option to add Image Properties and here you are asked to add Title Text and ALT text. Let us tell you clearly about both of these.

Title Text – Here you have to write about your image. Suppose you have added an image of a flower, then you have to write a flower in the title text. The search engine can read the title of your image, so you have to write the title text in your blog image.

ALT text – ALT text means alternative text, that is, if the image is not showing, then what will be the text show instead of the image. Suppose the image of your blog post is not loaded due to the internet being slow, so if you add ALT text to your image, then the ALT text will show on the image instead of letting the image load. ALT text also reads search engine and takes additional information from your blog image.

Write the title of your image in Title Text and know about the image in ALT text , you can write Title Text and ALT text the same. After typing image properties , click on UPDATE .

Just by doing this, the image of your blog will become SEO friendly. That is, now the search engine can understand your blog image and will also show it in your image search result.


You should make all the images of your blog posts SEO friendly so that the search engine can understand your blog images. For more information about Title text and ALT text, you must read the post given below.

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If you want to make your blog post SEO friendly, then you will have to make your blog image also SEO friendly, and for this you will have to –

  • The name of the image has to be set in advance.
  • After adding image, we have to add properties to it.

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