How to make face clean and beautiful?

A person is recognized by his face even before his actions. Now how right is this and how much wrong is this later. For everyone, looking beautiful is as important as eating the hungry. People do a lot to look beautiful. Even thousands are willing to spend money. Costly cosmetic skin treatment cream and much more.

But even after doing all this, they do not get any result. But still people are being done. With an expectation that may never be fulfilled or completed in many years. Many remedies can be found on the Internet, but 10 of them are such that do not suit everyone’s skin. We have brought a way that is not only easy and right but also suits everyone’s skin.

Homely and durable measures to keep the face clean and beautiful

you wants

  • 2 teaspoons of wheat flour
  • 1 teaspoon rice flour
  • 1 teaspoon tomato juice
  • Milk to make paste

Way of making

Take a clean bowl first. Mix wheat and rice flour in it. Now add tomato juice to it. Tomato juice helps in reducing the melanin content of your skin. This will give your face a fair complexion. Now add milk as much as needed to make a paste. It will be better if you take cold milk.

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How to apply?

First of all wash your face with a good face wash. Wipe the face with a towel. Now apply this paste on your face with the help of cotton or brush. Remember, stay away from the place around the eyes. If accidentally went into the eye, immediately wash it with water. The eye is a very delicate thing and it can also be spoiled by all these things. Now let this pack dry up. Till then, close the eyes and relax as it is also good for the skin to relax. When the paste dries, wash the face with plain water.

After that, apply a good moisturizer. You can already see its positive result in use. Your skin will not only look clean but also fair.

You can use this method 2 days a week. Remember that applying it everyday will not get you results quickly, rather it can cause skin dry. Therefore, apply only twice a week.

This is a method that suits everyone’s skin. Whether it is oily or dry or delicate. Everyone can use it comfortably unperturbed.

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