How to pink your lips? How to take care of lips

If women and girls agree, then the pink lip enhances the face shine . In such a situation, women and girls spend money on their lips from all over the world. If you do not want to spend money on your lips, then this article is for you people only. First of all you have to understand why your lips are black. Then you can take care of your lips . In this article, we have told you about everything that you should know about.

How to take care of lips

In this section we will tell you how to take care of lips. Suppose you have used indigenous treatment or makeup , then you can take full advantage if you take care of your lips, then you should know how to take care of lips.

1. Protect your lips from the sun

If the woman or girl is more in the sun, then often their lips will be either black or cracked. The lips are very soft due to which there is a high probability of blackening or bursting. If you come out in the sun the next time, then put sunscreen on your lips.

2. Moisturize

Lips remain healthy when there is moisture in the lips. When the moisture is exhausted, the lips either become dry or become yellow, black. So try to always use cream on the lips which does not allow the lips to dry.

You can get moisturize cream from the market. Sometimes what happens is that because there are so many creams in the market, you get confused which cream is the best, so you have to read reviews of all creams. Only then you will know which cream is the best.

3. Do not smoke

Research has shown that the tone of lips disappears due to smoking, but many women do not believe it. The lips are either thinned or the lips are cracked due to smoking. So if you want to bring a red color to your lips, then you have to quit smoking. Admittedly, it will be very difficult to take this decision, but you will have to do so much for your lips.

4. Drink more water

As we have told you, it is important to have moisture in the body. When you feel that your face is shining or the lips are dry, then understand that there is a lack of moisture in your body. To overcome this deficiency, you must drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day. If you drink less water then get into the habit of drinking more water everyday.

5. Use a toothbrush

We have a way with which you can regain the glow of your lips. You have nothing to do, just remove the dead layer or crust of your lips.

To remove it you will need a soft toothbrush, take care not to use a hard toothbrush as it may damage your lips. Soak a soft toothbrush with water and gently scrub on your lips for 20 to 30 seconds. After doing this, your lips will glow.

Home remedies for lip pink

Now friends, let’s talk about home remedies. In this section, we will tell you one to one more indigenous treatment which after using you can regain the glow of lips.

1. I wore it

Applying cream keeps the lips moist and makes the lips look shiny. Take some cream before sleeping and apply it on your lips and go to sleep. After getting up in the morning, clean the lips with water. What will happen if the lips will remain shining throughout the day.

2. Pomegranate Seeds

Applying pomegranate seeds on the lips massages the lips, causing redness in the lips.

3. Carrot Juice

Redness remains in the lips by applying carrot juice. Take carrot juice and apply it to the lips and after ½ hour wash the lips with clean water.

4. Drink more water

Drinking too much water keeps the lips moist, which makes the lips look shiny. Try to drink 7 to 8 glasses of water at least a day. It will also be good for your health.

5. Beet

Beetroot is considered to be the best to get the shine of lips. You can either slice the beetroot and apply its juice on your lips, or you can use beetroot powder. Let the beet remain on your lips for ½ hour, then clean the lips with clean water. After cleaning, you will find that your lips will have turned red all at once. You have to apply beetroot daily to get AC shine everyday.

How to make your lips pink with makeup?

Makeup is also a better way to get pink lips. Below, we have given a few ways with which you can do full makeup on your lips.

1. Leap Liner

First of all, you should apply a lip liner on your lips, what will happen is that when you apply lipstick, the lipstick will not spread, it will remain inside the liner. Keep in mind that the lip liner should be used in the same way that you are using lipstick.

2. Apply lipstick

Now apply lipstick after the leap liner. If you want to walk in fashion, then you should apply the same lipstick as the color you are wearing.

3. Tissue Clean

When you feel that the lipstick is too much, then you should use tissue to reduce it. Take a tissue and press it on your lips, what will happen if the lipstick color will climb on the tissue.

4. Apply Leap Balm

Applying leap balm will seal your lipstick and also start shining.

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