How to put Adsense Ad in every post of Blogger Blog?

How to put Adsense Ad in every post of Blogger Blog? Hello bloggers Today we are going to give you information about a topic that is a bit difficult to do on a blogger blog, because we have to manually install Adsense ad code in every post to put Adsense ad on blogger blog. You will also do this. It is fine to do this, but if you transfer your blog to WordPress in future, then you have to manually remove Adsense ad code from every post, which is a lot of time taking work.

By the way, you can manually place Adsense ad code on every post of your blog, but this will save you a lot of time and you will be confused which post you have placed Adsense ad in and not posted in any post.

Today we are going to tell you the way that after following you can easily place Adsense ad in every single post of your blog.

What will you know today?

Today we will let you know about the ad code generator tool through this post, in which all you have to do is to enter the 3 ad code of your Adsense and click on the generate code, just after that your code will be ready which you will have to copy on your blog. Have to paste.

Now you must be thinking why 3 ad code? So friends, today we are going to give you through our tool by generating such code which if you use on your blog, you will see Adsense ad at the top, bottom and middle of every post of your blog post. That is, now you do not need to take much tension nor need to edit the code.

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What are the things you need to use our ad code generator?

All you need is 3 ad code, if your Adsense has been approved , then you want the ad code of the 3 Adsense ad you want to put in your blog post. If your Adsense account has not been approved and you are using any other ad network ad on your blog, then you can also use their 3 ad code.

How does the Ad code generator tool work?

First of all, we tell you how our tool works so that you do not have any confusion while using our tool.

How to put Adsense Ad in every post of Blogger Blog?

1. Ad in post center – Here you have to paste your ad code which you want to show in the very center of your blog post. If your blog post is 1000 words, then after 500 words, there will be ad show.

2. Ad above post – Paste the ad code of the ad you want to appear in the starting of your blog post here.

3. Ad below post – Paste the ad code of the ad you want to see at the end of your blog post here.

4. Generate Code – After pasting the three ad codes, click on the generate code and generate the code and put it on your blog (you will also get information about how to generate the generated code on your blog).

NOTE – You have to paste 3 ad code in our tool and if you do not do this then the ad code generated will not work on your blog. Therefore it is necessary to use 3 ad code.

Friends, now you know how to generate code through our ad code generator tool, now you can generate your ad code through the tool given below.

Blogger ad code generator tool

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Ad in post center
Ad above post
Ad below post

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You must have already generated ad code for your blog, now it comes to know how to put it on your blog. So friends, let’s also know about this.

How to put in Ad Code Blog?

After generating the code follow the steps given below.

step 1

How to put Adsense Ad in every post of Blogger Blog?

1. Go to your blogger dashboard and click on Theme .
2. Click on the down arrow next to CUSTOMISE .
3. Click Edit HTML .

Step – 2

How to put Adsense Ad in every post of Blogger Blog?

1. By clicking on Edit HTML , you will see all the coding of your blog, just you have to click anywhere above the coding of your blog and press CTRL + F button. A search box will open as you do so.
2. To search by typing <data: post.body /> in the search box .


Step – 3

How to put Adsense Ad in every post of Blogger Blog?

By searching for <data: post.body /> you will find 2 places where <data: post.body /> code will be there. You have to paste your ad code in place of the first <data: post.body />. That is, remove the <data: post.body />, paste the ad code you have generated and click on the Save theme .

Just by doing this, you check your blog post, 3 adsense ad shows will be automatically started in every blog post.

NOTE: Which you have added ad code to your theme, so whenever you change the theme of your blog, the ad code will also be removed, and by following our given procedure, paste the ad code again in your blog. Will have to do.


Friends, when talk about ad placement in the blogger, a lot of coding and coding has to be edited and with the help of our ad code generator tool today, you will definitely get a lot of relief and you can also earn well through your blog. . How did you like our post today? Please give us your valuable feedback through comments. HAPPY BLOGGING

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