How to stop Adsense Ad Invalid Click? 20 Smart Tips

How to stop invalid click? There are 2 types of clicks on Adsense Ad, one is genuine click and the other is invalid click, genuine click, you get money but invalid click does not get money. Today we are going to give you all the information about Adsense Invalid click that will help you a lot in keeping your Adsense account safe, so today’s article is for all bloggers whose Adsense account has been approved.

You must have noticed on your Adsense that sometimes there are clicks on Ad but you do not get paid for Ad click. This happens because your Adsense Ad is being invalid clicked. Due to invalid click, your Adsense account may be disabled or your Adsense account may be suspended for a few months. So friends, let’s first tell you what is this Adsense Invalid click?

What is Adsense Ad Invalid click?

Accidentally clicked on Adsense Ad is considered as invalid click, if someone accidentally clicks on your Adsense Ad, it means that he is clicking on Ad without any interest, so whatever Ad he He will not take interest in it and will immediately close the Ad page.

Advertisers give money to Google Adsense to promote their Ad, and to promote the same ad, Adsense puts it on your blog, if there is invalid click on Adsense Ad through your blog then there is a loss of advertiser in it. And so Google disables the Adsense account in the blog which contains invalid clicks.

Google Adsense wants that there is no loss due to Adsense Ad, where the advertiser promotes their Ad through Adsense by paying money, while the advertiser will be the biggest loser if there is an invalid click on the ad. And Google Adsense never tolerates such activities and closes the Adsense account with invalid click.

Now you must have understood what is invalid click and why Adsense account gets disabled when invalid click occurs. But do you know how to invalid click? Like I said earlier invalid click means not interested click, ie click done without any interest. Here comes a question, how does Adsense know that someone is invalid clicking on Ad? So there are many reasons for this, like –

  • Clicking on Ad but not navigating Ad page also comes in invalid click.
  • Unknowingly clicking on Ad, if someone clicks on your Adsense Ad inadvertently or accidentally, then they will not navigate that Ad page and this is also invalid click.
  • Clicking on Adsense Ad repeatedly in the same IP address. Every mobile and computer has a unique IP address, if the same IP address is repeatedly clicked on Ad then it is invalid click.
  • Motivating visitors to the blog to click on Ad is also due to invalid click.
  • Without spending time on your blog, even if someone clicks on your Adsense Ad directly, it will count in invalid click.

If you gore all these points, then it is all invalid click and due to this your Adsense account can be closed.

To get an Adsense account approved, you follow all the terms and conditions of Adsense, but once Adsense is approved, do you follow all the rules of Adsense? Most bloggers make all the mistakes due to the lure of earning money, due to which there are invalid clicks, they think that if the click will improve then earning will also improve and in the same direction, they motivate people to click on their Adsense Ad do. Because of which Adsense earning does not improve, but the Adsense account itself becomes disabled.

Today we are going to give you all the information that you have to follow so that you can save your Adsense account from being disabled by invalid click. But first you have to know how to know that invalid clicks are happening in our blog?

How to know if there is invalid click on Adsense Ad?

There are also many Adsense publishers whose adsense account is disabled due to invalid click on their Adsense Ad after their Adsense is disabled. If they were to monitor their Adsense account ahead of time, then they would not have to face this problem.

If you are getting invalid clicks on your blog, then you will have to monitor your Adsense account, like-

  • Suddenly Ad click improves.
  • Always keep CTR at 5% but sometimes exceeding 10%.
  • Suddenly improvement in Adsense earning.
  • CPC decreases and clicks improve.
  • If you have installed 4 ad units on your blog, but to have the highest click on an ad.

We should always monitor all these points in our Adsense account, if any of these points are happening in your blog, then you should understand that your blog is getting invalid click.

Nowadays, Adsense publisher considers invalid click as a means of Adsense earning improvement and they themselves place Ad on their blog in such a place where the chances of getting clicked on Ad are very high, I am not saying that in your blog footer Ad should be placed, but yes you will have to install Adsense Ad in your blog so that no invalid click is done. So friends, let us tell you how to stop Adsense Ad invalid click?

How to stop Adsense Ad Invalid Click?

Invalid click comes from 2 types of raroks.

  • Owing to a mistake of his own.
  • Due to blog design and ad placement.

These two mistakes are the most invalid clicks, so you should first tell you how invalid clicks occur due to your own fault and how to prevent it.

Due to own fault

1. Do not click on your own Ad

This is the most common and silly mistake that most Adsense publishers make. When your Adsense account is approved, then your ads are displayed on your blog. Many Adsense publishers click on their own Ad to check how much money they get on one click or they want to see whether Adsense Ad is working or not.

This silly mistake makes them very heavy and along with getting Adsense approval, they also become Adsense disabled. Google Adsense is a very big company, and if you want to click on your own Ad and see if the Ad is working properly or not, then you are stupid and no one else, because the first rule in Adsense policy is that you have to Do not click on your own Ad.

Clicking on your own ad means that you are buying the same as your dunak, in which you do not have any benefit. You seem to have Ad on your blog so that visitors click on the Ad on their own free will, which will benefit everyone. So never click on your own Adsense Ad, if you do this then your Adsense account will be disabled.

2. Don’t ask your friends and relatives to click on Ad.

If you ask your friends and relatives to click on your Adsense Ad, then they will go to your blog and click directly on your Ad, and this too will count in invalid click. Google Adsense gets to know which visitors come to read articles on your blog and who just to click on your blog. If you do this, you will not be able to escape from the eyes of Adsense and your Adsense account will also be disabled.

If you have to keep your Adsense account safe and avoid invalid click then do not motivate your friends and relatives to click on your Adsense Ad.

3. Do not tell anyone about your Adsense approval

Adsense approval is not less than a surprising moment, yes if you have approved Adsense after posting 10-20 on your blog, then you will not be as happy as those people who work hard day and night again and again. Once their Adsense application gets rejected, but still they continue to get Adsense approval. Their hard work results in them in the form of Adsense approval, and in such a situation no one would want to share their happiness with others.

After my Adsense account disapproved 4 times, when my Adsense was approved, I was also very happy and shared my happiness with everyone, told everyone about my blog, and also showed Adsense Ad on my blog. . And this was my biggest mistake, whenever I used to tell my friend about the ad being displayed on my blog, he would visit my blog and say that you really get money by clicking on this ad, Let me click and see. OMG this happened to me many times and I also requested many people to please do not click on my Adsense Ad.

But there is a human mindset, they refuse to do the same thing. Finally, I had to remove all Adsense ad units on my blog so that my Adsense account would be safe.

It is not wrong to share the happiness of Adsense approval but it is wrong to over share, avoid doing so.

4. Stay away from enemies

Adsense approval produces enemies along with it. Today everyone knows that earning can be done through blogs and all are engaged in Adsense approval. In such a situation, if your Adsense is approved, then those who keep an eye on your blog will become your enemies. And these enemies are none other than our friends and relatives.

Today I make so much money sitting at home through my blog that I can live my life easily. But till date I have not told my friends and relatives about my earning channel. Whenever someone asked me about earning, I would only tell them that “there is earning through Google”.

By doing this you can stay away from enemies who click invalid on your blog and your Adsense account will also be safe.

5. Do not use VPN

Many Adsense publishers used to say that I have greatly improved the earning of Adsense through VPN. VPN is a software such as Tor browser for computer and VPN app for mobile, with the help of these you can change the IP address of your mobile and computer and go to your blog and click on Ad. But wait, if you do this too and are clicking on your ad with the help of VPN, then handle it, because it is impossible to fool Google, people who say that they earn Adsense with the help of VPN, they are only their You are fooling me.

Google knows everything through which mode you are clicking on Adsense Ad and doing so will disable your Adsense. So do not click on Adsense Ad through VPN. This is also counted in invalid click and your Adsense account can be disabled forever.

6. Do not promote your blog for Ad click

You will find many such groups and communities on the social network where you can promote your blog to click on it. In such communities and groups, all you have to do is to give a link to your blog, and visitors go to your blog and click on your Ad and in return you also have to go to their blog and click on it. Such work is named click exchange. Where Adsense publishers do Ad click exchange.

By doing this you are digging a pit for yourself where you will be buried yourself. Click exchange invokes invalid click and invalid click means that you are putting your Adsense account at risk. Never do this.

7. Do not share Adsense ad code

After Adsense approval you will get many such offers and many people will contact you and say ” Will you give us your Adsense code so that we can put your Adsense Ad on our blog, it is your only benefit “. Stay away from people who want you well :). Such people do not belong to anyone, they will put your Adsense code on their blog and you will think that it will improve your earning, but doing so will disable your Adsense account.

Think of one thing that if you are giving Adsense Ad Code, then he must have also applied for Adsense and his Adsense has been rejected, this means that Google Adsense does not want Adsense Ad to be displayed on their blog. In such a situation, if you give him your Adsense code, then he will put Adsense on his blog and that a single click made through his blog will be enough to close your Adsense account.

So do not ever share your Adsense Ad code with others.

8. Disable copy paste on blog

Today, most bloggers publish content on their blog by copying content from another website or blog. And yes, there are many bloggers who publish a copy of the blog content on their blog. Suppose you have placed Adsense Ad in your blog post, whenever someone copies your blog post, they will also copy your Ad and publish it on their blog. This will happen that your ads will also start running in his blog, which will call invalid click, which will cause ads.txt error.

So keep your blog copy paste disabled so that no one can copy your blog content and Ad.

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We make all these mistakes ourselves, due to which there is invalid click on Adsense Ad. Do not make all these mistakes and protect your Adsense account from invalid clicks. Now let us tell you how invalid click occurs due to blog design and ad placement and how to prevent it.

Stop invalid click due to blog design and ad placement

9. Do not place Adsense Ad under the dropdown menu

Adsense Ad Invalid Click Ko Kaise Roke?  20 Smart Tips In Hindi

Never put Adsense Ad under your dropdown menu, there are chances of accidentally clicking on Ad, which leads to invalid click. If your blog has a dropdown menu, do not place your Adsense Ad under the menu.

10. Do not use Floating Adsense Ad

Some Adsense publishers have floating Adsense Ad in the sidebar of their blog, so that the Ad sidebar float while the blog is being scrolled. If you do this then you are violating the policy of Adsense and the chances of getting invalid click on floating ad are very high.

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11. Do not use Popup Ad

Bloggers use such plugin or widget on their blog to popup Adsense’s Ad, doing this also violates Adsense policy, you cannot do this. If you use Popup Adsense on your blog, then your Ad will be invalid click.

12. Do not use too much Ad

In order to improve the earning, people use too much Adsense Ad on their blog, due to which the visitors have difficulty in reading the content and people inadvertently click on Ad which is counted in invalid click. So always apply Ad according to the content on your blog. You can also use Adsense Auto Ads .

13. Do not place Ad above or below Pagination

Adsense Ad Invalid Click Ko Kaise Roke?  20 Smart Tips In Hindi

With the help of pagination, visitors navigate your blog page, if you see Adsense Ad below or above your pagination, then visitors inadvertently click on your Ad. If you want to place Adsense Ad below or above your pagination, then you will have to maintain a sufficient gap between pagination and Ad. Maintain a gap of at least 10px.

Many Bloggers divide their blog posts into multiple pages and put Adsense Ad code under their posts, on doing so the visitor who is reading your post will go to the next page to read your post and inadvertently Will click on your Adsense Ad. You should not do this.

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14. Do not place Adsense Ad below the image

Adsense Ad Invalid Click Ko Kaise Roke?  20 Smart Tips In Hindi

By applying Ad below the image, visitors also consider Ad as part of the image and inadvertently click on Ad. You have to maintain a sufficient gap between your image and Adsense Ad so that no one inadvertently clicks on your Adsense Ad.

15. Do not buy Paid traffic

Paid traffic means paying money to bring visitors to your blog. On the Internet, you will find many such websites which send a lot of visitors to your blog in exchange for some money from you. But remember one thing that Google Adsense does not like Paid traffic, because Paid traffic is only to improve the page views of your blog and not to improve Adsense earning.

If you think that your Adsense earning will improve with paid traffic, then you are thinking wrongly, as I said ” Adsense does not like paid traffic “. Paid traffic can put your Adsense account at risk, and invalid clicks are also a lot in paid traffic. So if you want to keep your Adsense account safe then stay away from paid traffic.

16. Do not misguide Blog visitor

Many Adsense publishers ask or inspire their blog visitor to click on Adsense Ad. Adsense Ad is placed under text like click here, arrow symbol, know more so that the visitor misguide and click on Ad which is invalid click. You should not do this.

17. Do not change Ad unit style

Adsense unit has its own default style and look, such as border color, font color, background color. Adsense scans your blog and tells you how to modify your unit style, for this you login to the Adsense account and go to Optimization >> Opportunities .

But many Adsense publishers modify their Adsense unit in such a way that their ad matches perfectly with the blog content. For example, if you keep the background color and border color of your Adsense Ad as the background color of your blog, then visitors will not be able to know which is Ad and which is your blog content. In such a situation, they click on Ad inadvertently, due to which there is invalid click. Therefore, do not change the style of Adsense unit.

So friends, you learned how to protect Adsense from invalid click on Ad, but if Adsense is getting invalid click on your blog then how to find it? And how to solve it? Let us also tell you about it.

18. Check CTR

Suppose your CTR is always within 5% but suddenly your CTR is 10-20%, then you should understand that your blog is getting invalid clicks. If this happens, immediately inform it to Adsense .

19. Use the AICP plugin

AICP means Adsense invalid click protector. If you have your blog built on WordPress, then you can stop click bombing on your blog with the help of AICP plugin . If the same user clicks on our Adsense Ad repeatedly, it is called click bombing, if someone clicks on your Adsense Ad, then your Adsense account can be disabled due to invalid click.

Through AICP Plugin, you can set on your Adsense Ad how many times a user can click on Ad. Suppose you have set on AICP that any user can click 2 times, then if someone clicks on your ad 2 times, then they will not show Ad for the third time.

20. Disable all Ad Unit

If you have created your blog on and if you suddenly have a very high CTR, then you must first give its information report to Adsense and disable all Ad unit from your blog for some time so that whoever has your They have invalid clicked on Adsense Ad, they could not do it again.

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So friends, today you learned how to stop Adsense Ad invalid click? Adsense Ad invalid click is mostly from your own mistakes, which you can stop yourself. But there is no shortage of jealous people in today’s time, so always keep your blog safe for Adsense and always monitor your Adsense earning. We hope that our article today will definitely be helpful for you, if you want to ask us something, then please comment us. HAPPY BLOGGING