How to talk to girlfriends on Whatsapp for a long time?

Hello lovers Yesterday I was talking to my gf on whatsapp but my gf started getting very sleepy .. It is often the case that when you have to talk to your gf, your gf falls asleep saying good night, your It must have happened many times as well. What will you do like this? Don’t know right? So there is no need to take tension because today I am going to share my whatsapp chat with you.

My girlfriend’s name is anu and I love her very much .. When you are in love, apart from love chat, you also have to do some funny, stupid chat so that your relation can be strong enough.

It is a matter of yesterday, my gf was very sleepy and we had to talk to him .. He asked me to chat only 5 minutes, but how did I change that 5 minute in 1 hour, whatsapp chat you gave below You can understand by reading… whatever chat you will read below, I am between 2 to 3 pm last night…

Anu : Good Night is sleeping now.
Ravi : Where do you get so much sleep in your eyes? Apply less mascara.

Anu : Alright

Ravi : Sleep vanished.
Anu : No, I ‘m sleepy

Ravi : A little bit or a lot?
Anu : too much

Ravi : I have a surprise gift from you .. I am going to receive you very soon ..
Anu : What is it, tell me?

Ravi : When a call comes, receive it is a valentine gift.
Anu : What’s that?

Ravi : Surprise
Anu : Tell

Ravi : It is a very big gift, if you tell me , you will die .. If you come, see it ..
Anu : Tell 

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Ravi : Surprise gift is not told foolish .. If told, how surprise?
Anu : Otherwise the return will be done 

Ravi : will not return
Anu : will not receive the call 

Ravi : Would you…. Otherwise I will call .. I have given the number of both ..
Anu : Don’t tell me what is it, tell me ..

Ravi : Request well, with love ..

Anu : Please tell ravi ..
Ravi : I will tell you at 3 o’clock to wait, surprise is not told so soon … Can’t you wait so much?

Anu : I will sleep very sleepy 
Ravi : Ok sleep .. When you come see it .. Don’t pay money, I have paid ..

Anu : No lungi ..
Ravi : Don’t take Ok, he will wait for 2 months .. and will deliver.

Anu : Why 2 months?
Ravi : I have sent you from Courier .. will be lying in the godown of your area for 2 months.

Anu : What’s that? Don’t tell me
Ravi : Sleep, you sleepy…

Anu : First tell then 
Ravi : 3 o’clock 

Anu : Sure?
Ravi : Yes, sure ..

Anu : Ok… how many bastards…
Ravi : How many minutes were you asking to chat?

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Anu : 5 minute
Ravi : So how many minutes are we chatting now?

Anu : 20 minute
Ravi : Not 30 .. now sleep or else you will start abusing ..

Anu : Tell ..
Ravi : What to tell?

Anu : Suvar…. What is a gift?
Ravi : You are so greedy… Surprise gift is also to be seen from now .. Do not be surprised .. If you get it, do not see it ..

Anu : I am not asking because I am big, I would not have asked if I had a small gift ..
Ravi : It is big and heavy too, your punk brother will not be able to lift it… except he will reach your house with a courier ..

Anu : What is the plan to kill me?
Ravi : No, live ..

Anu : Nothing should come to my house ..
Ravi : It has left 14 will reach Tariq.

Anu : I will never talk to you if I come home.
Ravi : To be a boyfriend is a very humble task… do it or listen and if you do not listen then .. God… it is not too heavy, anyone will take it crazy ..

Anu : Still not home ..
Ravi : I’m sleepy ..

Anu : Hey crazy ..
Ravi : good night I went to sleep… .. Say yes ..

Anu : I will go to sleep after sleeping ..
Ravi : So talk now ..

Anu : What’s the tell?
Ravi : Now you have my sleep .. Your accounts will be equal.

Anu : Yes eat lungi ..
Ravi : Don’t you sleep now? Sleep mad, there is pain in your head ..

Anu : And the pain increased ..
Ravi : sorry dear

Anu : So don’t tell ..
Ravi : I Love You

Anu : Don’t tell ..
Ravi : 15 minutes to talk something else?

Anu : Don’t tell Ok, I’m going to sleep .. No gift should come to my house or else don’t talk from that day .. Good Night
Ravi : Hi… make a promise ..

Anu : Say yes ..
Ravi : Don’t say never to talk ..

Anu : Shall ..
Ravi : Why? It seems that ordering is ..

Anu : Yes.
Ravi : Do not give, trust ..

Anu : I will not talk on the day the trust is broken ..
Ravi : Trust has become so weak ..

Anu : Not crazy 
Ravi : Then why say so? 4

Anu : So do not break the trust… I will always talk…
Ravi : So do not talk, do not talk, stop speaking…

Anu : ok But you don’t create any problem ..
Ravi : ok, that springs my love ..

Anu : ok
Ravi : I Love you anu

Anu : I love you too ravi… good night
Ravi : Gn .. not knowing what I sent .. ok gn

Anu : Telling ..
Ravi : 3 hawk ..

Anu : Tell ..
Ravi : you abused me ?

Anu : Yes a lot ..
Ravi : Give .. Two then ..

Anu : Tell that first after that.
Ravi : abusing first ..

Anu : He listens every day ..
Ravi : Well, will you not block?

Anu : Don’t know ..
Ravi : First promise that it won’t block ..

Anu : I will not promote block
Ravi : ok, so listen ..

Anu : Yes 
Ravi : What does a bf do when his gf wants to talk too much?

Anu : Don’t know ..
Ravi : I changed 5 minutes in 1 hour and 10 minutes … that’s true love

Anu : Dog, motherfucker, idiot
Ravi : ????? Elephant is sent ..

Anu : How much tension do you give ..
Ravi : I love you so much, I don’t think without you, so let’s do a little drama…

Anu : I love you too, won’t you sleep now ..
Ravi : Now you can sleep .. miss you

Anu : miss you too, gn
Ravi : gn

So friends, I talked to my gf by making me sleep .. How did you like our chat whatsapp chat, tell us through comments .. Thanks ..

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