How to talk to unknown girl on Facebook / WhatsApp?

In today’s time, social network has become the most important part of our life, if you want to talk on Facebook or befriend in whatsapp, then everyone is always asked the question ” How to talk to a girl on Facebook or whatsapp?” ‘ And this question seems a bit strange too, because you want to be friends with people who don’t even know you on Facebook or whatsapp. Anyway, if you want to talk to an unknown girl on Facebook or whatsapp, then it completely depends on your chat whether the girl will talk to you or will block you. 

If you have a heart on a girl on Facebook, then you will definitely send her a friend request and if the friend request is accepted, then the process of chatting starts. Like this, if you know the whatsapp number of a girl with whom you are eager to befriend, then you can also talk to them directly through whatsapp, but the question comes to a standstill that they will talk but how to start do?

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If the start is good then the girl will be impressed with you and if the start is not good then your number will be blocked. Today we have brought some such impressive things for you, which you can try and impress any girl on Facebook or whatsapp…  How to talk to girl in Facebook / whatsapp? 

Boy: Hi, will you befriend us?
Girl: No, I don’t befriend unknown people.

Boy: Okay, will you be my enemy.
Girl: What?

Boy: If you are not becoming friends, then become enemies. So when should I give you a black rose? hehehe ..
Girl: By the way you’re so funny.

Boy: Thanks, what is your real name by the way.
Girl: Why?

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Boy: Betel has to be given in your name. Is your name sonia
Girl: Yes

Boy: By the way, you talk to all of you with so much love or I’m something special.
Girl: I am lovingly told.

Boy: That’s why I’m saying
Girl: Ok now I will talk with love Ok

Boy: Love the enemy together.
Girl: You always talk like that.

Boy: You’re not a special enemy. By the way, what do you do in school or college?
Girl: College and you

Boy: I am also in college
Girl: Which college

Boy: DAV
Girl: Have you ever seen me.

Boy: Yes, and after seeing you, you thought that you could be made an enemy
Girl: Dude, never be so serious.

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Boy : Ok babe
Girl : don’t call me babe

Boy: Ok Sony
Girl: How do you know my nickname

Boy: From the common sense. Sonia’s nickname, what could be other than Sony
Girl: Great yaar

Boy: What are you doing?
Girl: Nothing

Boy: You are doing very unique work, very few people know that
Girl: Well you don’t look so good that I can talk to you

Boy: That’s it, what looks good doesn’t happen, and what happens does not look.
Girl: Well you make things very good.

Boy: You tell me you look good or good.
Girl: I don’t know what you think.

Boy: If you don’t look good then why would I send you a request and if you are not good then why would you accept my request
Girl: By the way you make things good, by talking about how much gf you have made

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Boy: No one made as much as I tried but Aamir took the boy, we have nothing left with the poor
Girl: Well then you are poor

Boy: yes i am very poor
Girl: But I am not a girl who goes after money

Boy: Your bf is going to be so soon because of your sweet things, he is also poor. It is also written in your horoscope.
Girl: ha ha ha… maybe even.

Boy: waw… what really?
Girl: What to know

Boy: Let’s be good that even the gf will become poor. There is someone who thinks about the poor. By the way, you have made so many bf with such sweet things.
Girl: nine

Boy: And the most breakup happened.
Girl: Yes

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Boy: At the age of 18, 9 bf after 4-5 years, when you become 20 then you will become 20-20, you also 20 bf also 20
Girl: You don’t know the math’s. 18 + 5 is 23.

Boy: Yes, but the girl only increases her age 1 time in 2-3 years.
Girl: ha ha ha .. Well now I want that my bf is permanent.

Boy: Good live
Girl: Yes sir. By the way what is my chance

Boy: By the way, what is my% chance
Girl: 20%

Boy: o thanks I thought 0% would say
Girl: No dude don’t be so bad

Boy: You’re the first one who is telling his enemy good.
Girl: By the way, what is your future plan?

Boy: Nothing will marry just 11 cricket team and feed them under 19 world cup
Girl: Hey I’m asking for a job

Boy: I want to start my business, be a partner.
Girl: great yaar. Yes make it

Boy: By the way, what is my% chance now
Girl: 35%

Boy: I thought you would say 10
Girl: No man you’re so sweet

Boy: thanks
Girl: good bye will talk tomorrow

Boy : bye सोनी
Girl : bye

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