How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

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How to upload and change a blog theme via mobile? If you are searching the answer to this question in Google, then obviously you are blogging through your mobile. By the way, the fun of blogging comes only through the computer because the computer has a big screen, you can manage the blog well. But is it true? I do not agree with this, I know many bloggers who blogging through their mobile and they never had any problem in managing their blog.

While managing the blog through your mobile, there is a problem in changing and uploading the theme, and many bloggers also go to computer parlor to change the theme of their blog. If you also think that the theme of the blog cannot be changed through mobile, then read our article today.

Today we are going to tell you how to upload the blog theme through your mobile. You must have uploaded a new theme to change the theme of your blog, but you may not have been successful and you may have seen an error while uploading the theme. So today we have brought a solution to all your problems and today you will know how to change the blog theme through mobile with the step by step guide.

You will not know that most bloggers in India make their own blogs through their mobiles and you will not find any tutorials on the internet that can tell you properly how to manage a blog through mobile, and this is why most The blogger who has created a blog through his mobile, thinks that blogging cannot be done through mobile and they quit blogging.

We respect all the blogger brothers who manage their blogs through mobile. Blogging can be done through mobile, we had told about it in our previous article, you must read it.

  • Can you do blogging through mobile?

So let us now come to our main topic and know how to upload and change the blog theme through mobile?

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

You can change the theme of your blog through your mobile, you get many default themes on your blog, which you can easily change on your blog. But when it comes to uploading the theme to the blog, we fail there, and use our friend’s computer to upload the theme of the blog. Now you do not have to worry, you can easily upload the blog theme through your mobile, just you have to follow the steps given below and understand it.

step 1

To upload a theme to your blog, first of all you need to download a nice theme. Download a theme that is SEO friendly. To download a theme, you can download the theme from many websites which gives a blogger theme for free, such as –

You can go to any of the above websites and download the theme of your blog. In our previous article, we told you about the best website to download the theme, definitely read it – where to download the best template for Blogger blog?

After downloading the theme, the theme will be saved in your mobile’s Download folder .

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

For example – Suppose I have downloaded a theme through my mobile called Sora Coin , after downloading the theme, this theme will be saved in the download folder . If I upload this theme directly to my blog, then it will not upload, because this theme is in ZIP format, meaning that this theme is currently in compressed format. You can clearly understand from the above picture that the name of the theme that I have downloaded is , you can clearly guess by the name that this zip format.

Before uploading the theme, we have to extract it. You follow the next step.


Now you have to extract your downloaded theme, only then you can upload it on your blog. To extract you will need an App and the name of that App is Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip , you can also install this app in your mobile through the download link given below.

Download Easy Unrar, Unzip & Zip App

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

This app is only 4MB. Install it in your mobile.

Step – 3

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

1. Now you have to go to the Download Folder on your mobile and click on the theme you downloaded.
2. You will see the option to extract as soon as you click on the Theme, you have to click on Extract here .

Step – 4

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

By clicking on Extract here , your theme which was in ZIP format will be extracted and a new folder will be created. You can clearly understand through the above picture that after extracting the theme I downloaded, a folder has been created. That is , after extracting , the Sora-Coin folder is created.

Step – 5

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

Open the new folder that has been created , and the xml written at the end of the file name has to be uploaded to our blog. You see and understand the picture above. We extracted the zip file first , after extracting a new folder is created and the xml file inside the new folder is the theme of our blog.

Step – 6

Now you have downloaded the theme for your blog and learned how to extract it. Now let’s know how to upload the theme to your blog.

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

First go to the blogger dashboard and click on Theme .

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

Click on the drop down icon .

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

Click Restore .

How to Upload and Change Blog Theme via Mobile?

A popup box will open as soon as you click on Restore , where you have to click on UPLOAD and select the xml file from the extracted folder .

Your theme will start uploading as soon as you select the xml file . So today you learned how to upload a blog theme through mobile and we sincerely hope that you can now upload your blog theme by yourself. By the way, I have explained this tutorial in a simple way, which you would not have had any problem in understanding, but still you have a problem in your mind or if you are having any problem while uploading the theme, then you can comment through us. Do tell. HAPPY BLOGGING

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