How to whiten black skin? complete information

In today’s time, everyone wants that they look more blonde than others so that the attraction of the people is towards them. People can do anything to get fair skin. Many people use expensive cream, and many people go to the beauty parlor and try to achieve blondness.

Do you all know that you can get fair skin sitting at home? Yes, you are blown away, your senses, yes we are telling the truth. Neither do you need to apply expensive creams nor to go to any beauty parlor, in this article we will tell you how to get fair skin in natural way.

Take care of skin

Guys, to get fair skin you have to take care of the skin first. First of all, you have to understand how to take care of the skin? Then you can take advantage of it. Below we have given some measures to follow all the measures.

1. Wash face at least 3 times a day

First of all you have to understand that why should you wash your face 3 times a day? Look friends, face wash removes dirt, dirt and a lot of dirt. You will often see that you wash your face in the morning and when you look in the mirror in the evening, then the brightness of your face decreases.

You feel like you have turned black. So that’s why we are telling you to wash your face with water at least 3 times a day and keep your face clean.

2. Do not stand in the sun

People who keep standing in more sunlight or their work is only running, then the face of such people will often be seen as dull or black. Due to standing more in the sun, the brightness of the face becomes less and black, so do not stand too much in the sun.

If your job is to run, then keep a hat with you, whenever you are standing in the sun, stand wearing a hat. By doing this you can protect your skin.

3. Apply sunscreen

Whenever you get out of the house, first put sunscreen on it. These creams will protect your skin and your skin glow will remain the same. As you people know that there is a lot of sunscreen in the market and all creams claim that our cream is the best.

So friends, in such a situation you may be confused which cream to use. At such a time you read reviews of all creams, in such a way you will know by yourself which cream is the best.

4. Drink more water

People who do not drink much water often have dry and dull skin, but those who drink more water, their skin looks shiny. Drinking more water does not reduce the amount of water in the body and there is a lot of moisture in your body.

So friends, if you do not have the habit of drinking more water, then you drink more water from today. Drink at least 7 to 8 glasses of water in a day.

5. Do not smoke

Research has shown that people who smoke always have a glow in their face, now how much truth is there in this matter, then only those people who smoke, but if we believe that smoking is harmful to our health. It is also for the skin.

So friends, if you want blondness in your skin, then stop smoking. Granted, smoking does not stop so soon, but you can try it.

6. Take a healthy diet

You can tell by looking at the faces of many people what their diets are like. A healthy diet gives you a lot of protein such as vitamins A, C and E. Such proteins help in keeping your skin healthy. So try to take vegetables and fruits in your diet.

7. Do not spread your hands over the skin

Many people have a habit of putting their hands on their face. So if you have the same habit, then leave this habit, friends. By applying continuous hands on the face, the dirt of the hands is also applied to your face, due to which a lot of dirt gets accumulated in the face and the glow of the face disappears.

Indigenous treatment of fair skin

Now let’s talk about indigenous treatment, do you know that you can get fair skin just by sitting at home. In this section we will tell you the home remedies which are 100% useful.

1. Plant Turmeric Pack

Turmeric pack is the best option to make skin fair. As everyone knows that turmeric is used a lot in food and also cures body injuries. 

Research has shown that turmeric alters skin and cures sun-burnt skin. To make turmeric paste, take a bowl, add a little turmeric and flour or gram flour and add some milk and make a paste.

After making the paste, apply it on your skin and let it stay on the skin for at least 20 minutes. Then wash it with water.

2. Apply Sandalwood

Sandalwood is believed to eliminate pimples and allergies and also helps to whiten the skin. To make sandalwood paste, first of all take a bowl and mix some sandalwood powder and milk, water, tomato, lemon one by one and make a paste. Keep it on the skin for 20 minutes and then wash it with water.

3. Plant Saffron

Saffron also helps to whiten the skin. You must first make a saffron paste and then apply it on the skin.

4. Lay eggs

Egg is the best formula for quickly blonding the skin. You have nothing to do, break an egg into a bowl. Remove the yellow material from the bowl and apply the remaining liquid on the face. Keep it for at least 20 minutes and then wash it with water.

5. Add Flour

Flour is a natural method, it also benefits the skin. Break the dough into water and make a paste. Then apply it on the face and after a while wash the skin with water.

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