If a wife does not get blood in honeymoon, is she not a virgin?

If a wife does not have bleeding in a honeymoon, is she not a virgin? Bleeding in euthanasia, bleeding during euthanasia is necessary, to remove blood on the first night. Most of the youth of our country are seen as victims of this misconception. Some of these people even put their married life on the claim that their wife did not get blood on the first night. Before proving this misconception to be false, here we are giving some true examples.

Ranjeet read, he runs a clothes shop. Meaning its financial condition is fine. She is married to Seema. Married to the wishes of family members. Seema was a sociable girl of cheerful nature. It was beautiful in appearance. Ranjith also got a good dowry. Everyone was happy with the wedding. Ranjith was also happy to find a beautiful wife. But after two days of marriage, the happiness of her face vanished. It happened that when he celebrated the euphoria with his wife, the wife began to treat him like a friend instead of a woman. On the first night, when she told the wife to take off all her clothes, Seema happily did so.

Ranjith was a little surprised, but at that time he was excited, so he did not think much. He had sex with his wife, the wife supported him openly. Seema was not even feeling pain while doing sex. Ranjit lit the room light in excitement after Se-ks and looked at the bed, there were no traces of blood. That is why Ranjit started having problems.

There was doubt in her mind that Seema was not a virgin. She has already done it. His behavior is also so open.

Ranjit’s face hangs after that day. He could not say this to his wife, but sowed the seeds of her doubt in his mind. Now he used to struggle with his wife with impudence. The wife did not like to laugh, even speaking with people. He began to doubt her character. Night and day he kept thinking about it.

Whom would I say to my values. Incidentally, Seema gave birth to a child 8 months after their marriage. This made Ranjit even more confident. She became convinced that Seema had some relationship before marriage and this child is also the result of those relationships. Happiness was celebrated in the birth of a child at home, but Ranjit Maan kept on kneeling.

If a wife does not get blood in honeymoon, is she not a virgin?

Gradually, he started blaming the wife, even beating her. The matter went on till divorce. Finally, one day Ranjit accused the wife that she is characterless and that the child is also not her. Sima could not bear this charge. She was a proud woman. She went to her maternal home.

He did not divorce Ranjith but put a defamation case in the court. She was also ready to get the child’s DNA tested. While Ranjeet alleged that the child was born 8 months after marriage, Seema was pregnant with her mother. Both blood samples and baby blood samples were sent to Hyderabad for DNA test.

In this test it turned out that the child’s father is Ranjith. Now Ranjith realized his mistake. He wanted to apologize to Seema. But Seema did not forgive him. She started living separately with her son. Ranjit was all bad and was also maligned. That is why he became psychopathic.

To mention this example, the only meaning was that how does the wife not become bleeding on the first night becomes a mess. We should first know why blood should come out of a woman’s vagina on the first night or in the first session. This bleeding is responsible for – humen membrane. There are two holes in the outer part of a woman’s vagina. One hole is for Pesab and the other is the vagina, which goes inside the uterus.

There are 2 fallopian tubes in the uterus whose mouth opens inside the uterus. At the mouth of both these fallopian tubes, there is one ovary each. Where the vagina connects to the outer skin, it is the hymen membrane. This membrane has small bore holes. A woman’s period emerges from these holes before this membrane breaks.

When an object enters the vagina for the first time, its hymen is broken by its pressure. A little blood comes out from its rupture. Now the question arises whether the hymen membrane bursts for the first time only at the stroke of the male’s penis. It is not necessary. If the girl has had her finger penetrated into the vagina while masturbating or if she has ingested something in the genitalia, the hymen also bursts.

Hymen may also break from the other Vajaho. If a girl has been playing sports like volleyball, basketball, or long jump, high jump, riding a bicycle or horse, it can also cause hymen membranes to break.

Meaning loud shock can cause hymen membranes to burst. If someone jumps from a height of three to four feet, hymen can also be broken by this shock. It is clear that hymen membrane not only breaks through intercourse, it can also rupture due to other reasons. Therefore, the guarantee of a girl’s virility is not whether she was bleeding in the first sexual intercourse or not.

Special code of conduct has been made for women in our society. Losing virginity before marriage means that married life will not be right. In some sect people, the sheet is seen in the order on which the husband and wife have sexual intercourse on the first night. If there are no spots of blood on that sheet, then the bride is condemned.

Even in the villages and villages, women find blood in the bride’s dress. From this they guess whether the bride is a Kuwari or not. Boys also hear from their friends that in the first sexual intercourse, the woman must have bleeding. This is the proof that she was a Kuwari.

One reason for the making of this rumor is that in earlier times, girls were married in low age. Because until this age, there was no need to go to college, so usually hymen of girls were safe. Mostly it is seen that the girl was bleeding in the first sexual intercourse, but today the age has changed, girls too can do everything like boys. They ride bicycles, motorcycles, cars and everything, participate in sports. Now marriage also happens late, so hymen of most girls is not possible to be safe.

Therefore, this thing should not be made the basis of a woman’s character at all. Anyway, there is not much bleeding when the hymen of a young girl is broken. Only 2-4 drops of blood come out, which is not known. The hymen membrane of each girl is of different surface. In some this membrane is thick, in some it is thin and flexible. It can also be so flexible that it does not break even during sexual intercourse. Such incidents have also come to notice, when the doyen hymen membrane of delivery has to be cut.