Love letter for impressing girl

Ever since I have seen you, as if my world has changed, my friends also tell me that ” You have changed “, in fact I have changed and the reason is only you. He wanted to say something for the first time when we saw you. At first sight, something happened that had never happened before.

Know when I saw you for the first time, it felt as if the time had stopped, my heart कहा said to me, “For which I beats, she is standing in front of you.” “I ignored the matter of my heart. Although I did not believe in love, but after seeing you, I felt as if I have fallen in love.

I met you after a few days, talked to you too. I felt very good. Today, for the first time, I want to live for someone, today for the first time I want to get wet in the rain, I have found someone for whom I want to die. You have taught me how to live, your words have taught me to kill someone in love.

Love Letter for Girl Impress

When you are sad, I also feel very sad, I pray to God all the time that you should never be sad, I get all your grief. Your smiling face makes you even more beautiful, never lose your laughter.

Whenever I see you, why do you think that you are like me? Why do you think that you are made for me? Maybe I have gone mad, but you are the reason for this madness. Sometimes you don’t see me, my eyes find you. Whenever you talk to me, it seems that this time does not stop. But this time is very deceitful who keeps us apart from you. There will come a day when I will go so far away from you that you will not forget me.

You must have thought, ” How dare you give a love letter to this boy?” “. You think it is right, but the love is never afraid, those who are afraid do not love. I was also scared when I was writing this love letter. Then I remembered that dialog of movie 3 idiot “allll isssss wellll”, so my courage increased, when I completed writing this, I was afraid that I was not making any mistake. Then I remembered that “Love is friendship and we are already friends,” that means my proposal will be accepted.

But not only that, when I was talking to you, I thought that I would take the love letter out of my pocket and give it to you, but my hands did not go in my pocket, it seemed that I had epilepsy, I Could not control you.

Now it has been more than 4 days, I am walking around with the love letter in my pocket but there is a fear in my heart that you should not get angry with me. For this reason, I have not been able to give you this love letter till now, I say that people in love do things like children. It rained very fast 2 days before today, I felt that the whole world is with me, I had never felt like this before but did not know that day, I wished to get wet in the rain.

I got wet like children in the rain. After getting wet for some time I remembered that the love letter is in my pocket, I came home quickly and when I saw the love letter and saw it, it was completely wet. Then I believed that this world is against my love.

With great effort, I woke up again all night and wrote this love letter so that today I can give it to you. When I met you today, it felt like I am the only one in the whole world who is so mad, in love with someone, maybe this much madness is not right. It was like a drug, you were standing in front of me. One is I did not sleep the whole night and the other is the tension to give you love letter, sleep in eyes and love for you in heart. This time I will definitely give you this love letter, thinking that I left the house but when I put my hand in my pocket, the love letter disappeared. OH MY GOD, I forgot to bring the love letter.

Now I am very sure that my love has caught sight of someone.

I do not know who I want to give a love letter to, so I have given this love letter to your friend rinkey. And have told him that this is love letter and read it and answer it. Now Rikney would think that this love letter is for her, but I want to make it clear that this love letter is only for consciousness.

Sorry Rinkey please give this love letter to Chetna.

This love is not easy, just understand this. There is a river of fire and you have to jump.

I had heard this, but did not know that there is also a river of fire, now it depends on you whether I can burn in the fire or become your heartbeat. Please send your answer to rinkey because I can not see you sad.

Your crazy lover

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