Love letter for proposing girl

I love you very much and you don’t know it. Sometimes I am scared to show how much I love you. When you are near me, it seems that my voice has also left me, I could not express my love till today because I have no words to express my love.

Through this letter, I want to say my heart and yes do not think that I have given you a love letter, because love is not in our midst right now. I just want to express my love through this letter.

I have tried a lot to know you since I saw you. When I saw you for the first time, it seemed as if the whole world had stopped, nothing could understand why this was happening to me. My eyes started glowing after seeing you.

Love Letter to Propose

I can never forget that time.

I never used to believe in love, but ever since you saw me, every wish of mine has been joined to you, now my every wish has become yours. It is said that love at first glance makes you crazy, and this is what happened to me. You fall in my sleep too, hope to see you in every dream. I am lost in your memories every moment.

My destination has started from you and will end on you, in life someone felt like me, which I want to make my life.

I dream too much, but dreams are the ones whose dreams are fulfilled. Maybe my dream of meeting you will also be fulfilled.

I do not know whether what I am doing is right or wrong. But I am doing, for the first time in my life I listened to my heart and fell in love with you. Now even my heart does not support me, it just beats for you.

I have fallen in love with you since you came into my life. Your smile only makes me happy, whether you meet or not, I just want you. Will want more.