Mirzapur Season 2 Actress Real Name

Mirzapur is an Indian web series and an amazon original production. The first season of the show came back in November of 2018. Since then, People are very interested in knowing Mirzapur season 2 actress real name. Because We have seen the release of season 2 this September. The cast for the show has largely remained intact, But there are some few new characters that add-up to the storyline. In this article, We’ll explore the real names of the important Mirzapur season 2 cast.

Mirzapur Season 2 Actress Real Name

1. Pankaj Tripathi a.k.a. Akhandanand Tripathi

Pankaj Tripathi’s role in the show has helped amazon prime to keep the hype of the show. His performance is certainly one of the brilliant in the cast. He has also work in many other popular movies and Tv shows.

2. Ali Fazal a.k.a. Guddu Pandit

A lot of people are interested to know the real name of the Guddu pandit. Because he is the lead character in the Mirzapur show. Ali Fazal is a very popular actor and has performed in many movies.

3. Divyendu Sharma a.k.a. Munna Tripathi

Divyendu Sharma has immersed himself in his role. His popularity has 10X after the show. No matter how much you hate him, He is crucial for the binding of the storyline.

4. Shweta Tripathi a.k.a. Golu Gupta

Shweta Tripathi is a very talented actress and has performed in many other movies. But Mirzapur is the first show that gave her widespread recognition. She is one of the most searched ‘Mirzapur season 2 actress real name’.

5. Rasika Dugal a.k.a. Beena Tripathi

Rasika Dugal in her role as Beena has done a fabulous job. You can’t ignore her presence, And her acting skills are On-point without any exaggeration. She has also work in many other movies.

6. Shaji Chaudhary a.k.a. Maqbool

Maqbool is one of the characters of fear in the entire show. His presence makes the situation very tougher for the other person. He alone can take onto many enemies at once, And his loyalty stays intact.

7. Kulbhushan Kharbanda a.k.a. Satyanand Tripathi (Bauji)

Kulbhushan Kharbanda is the star of the show. You may resemble his role to other TV shows character as Hector from breaking bad. You will not regret watching the show after his acting performance.

8. Harshita Gaur a.k.a. Dimpy

Harshita Gaur is an Indian model and actress. And she is playing the role of Guddu Pandit sister. Her role significance increases in Mirzapur season 2. She has done great work in her role.

9. Rajesh Tailang a.k.a. Ramakant Pandit

Rajesh Tailang is a theater artist and Indian actor. He is playing the role of Guddu Pandit’s father, And he plays the role of his own style. He has his own aura of acting and dialogue delivery that you’ll love.

10. Amit Sial a.k.a. RS Maurya

Amit Sial is portraying the role of the chief police officer. His performance as an actor will leave no stain after the show. You will thoroughly enjoy his presence whenever he is on the screen.

11. Anjum Sharma a.k.a. Sharad Shukla

Anjum Sharma is playing the role of Sharad Shukla. His acting is one of the best in the show. He is not a very famous actor, For that reason, A lot of people have keen interest in knowing his real name.

12. Sheeba Chaddha a.k.a. Vasudha Pandit

Sheeba Chaddha is an Indian actress. She is very popular in Bollywood and has performed in many movies. Sheeba has brilliantly performed her acting job.