Must kept these 10 things in your handbag

Even if you are not fond of makeup or other things and you keep only the basic things in your handbag, such as money and cards, there are some things other than money and cards that must be in your handbag.

10 things to keep in your handbag

1. Hand sanitizer

If you eat and drink something during the journey, the use of hand sanitiser protects you from diseases caused by bacteria. Also it can be easily placed in a bag.

2. Face wash

It proves to be extremely beneficial at the time of need. If you are in the office or going for a meeting or movie, then face wash becomes very important for instant freshness. It removes dirt and extra oil from your face and gives a clean look.

3. Kajal pencil

Kajal pencil is enough to give eyes and face a more bright look. With this you will feel energetic and fresh.

4. Sanitary Pads

Always keep a handy pack of sanitary pads in your bag for emergency.

5. Energy bar

There is often fatigue when you are busy with work throughout the day or in a lot of run-off. In this case, the energy bar will make you feel instantly energetic.

6. Pins and clips

They may be needed anytime. Safety pins and clips can sometimes be used if a button breaks or a sandal breaks. Or maybe some other person needs it, you can also help him.

7. Mirror

Whether it is hair repair or makeup, a small mirror cannot be ignored.

8. Tissue paper

There is always a need for both Wet and Dry tissue paper. Where water is not available, only this tissue paper and hand sanitiser helps you the most.

9. Comb

To keep your look clean it is important that the hair is also right. In this case, place the comb in the bag, you can fix them immediately if the hair is defective.

10. Mouth Freshener

After a meal or if you want to go to a meeting etc. and you have eaten garlic-onion and spicy food, then there is still a need for a mouth freshener.

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