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ALL living beings in order to lives require oxygen. However , organisms differ in the mode of taking in off oxygen . we can classify them into land and aquatic animals.
land animals – most animals living on land use their lungs in the process of breathings let us take the example of man (human beings) .

the everyday use of the word “respiration ” refers to breathings . also called external respiration. Breathing is a process whereby we take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide . the breathing in is known as inhalation or inspiration and breathing out is called Exhalation or Expiration this is known as the exchange of gases. the organs of the respiratory system include the nose ( and mouth sometimes) trachea and lungs which are richly supplied with blood vessels .

HOW DO WE breathe

our respiratory system help us to breath we draw in air through our noes ( and mouth  ) which goes into our lungs through the trachea windpipe . the lungs are supplied richly with blood vessels . here oxygen is absorbed and carbon dioxide is released . during the entire process our chest expends and contracts .

1: stand in front (very close ) to a mirror and breathe out through your mouth   observe on the mirror will show that water vapour is exhaled

2: take a glass of limb water and breath out through a glass tube . observe will show that limb water turns milky this is because carbon dioxide is exhaled .

the respiratory passage in human beings are used for many other purposes such as lunging . hiccoughing ,sneezing ,and snoring .

all other land animals like birds lizards ,frogs on land 4- legged animals and all mammals breathe through there lungs .
However .insects breathe through tiny holes on there body called SPIRACLES . EARTHWORMS breathe through there moist skin.

underwater animal like fish tadpoles young once or frog have GILLS instead of lungs . they take in oxygen from the water some like the earthworm and even the frog when in water take in oxygen through there moist skin .

these rate apply in the resting conditions. the average adult breathing rate is about 16 times a minutes nearly 2 seconds to breathe in and the same to breathe out.

children breathe much more quickly the rate of a 7 year child is about 30 per minutes and child of 1 year about 40 per minutes . the rate become faster during strenuous effort exercise, running etc.

FACT FILE -> smoking damages and also poison the cells that line the lungs…..

the rate of heartbeat averages 72 times per minutes in healthy young adult. this rate increase to about 80 with fairly strenuous exercise . cycling increase it to about 100 to 125 per minute.

teacher notes ->

please explain high level of activity lead to a greater demand for oxygen increased rate of breathing .

Artificial respiration -> please explain about the much easier and more effective method mouth – mouth respiration popularly known as the “kiss of life” during an emergency .
OK everybody please sher this post have a any person this critical moment have a save life..

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