Sad Love Letter for girlfriend

You are my life, my dream and I have to talk my mind with you. Sometimes in life it happens that every dream that we see, every wish that we can do, cannot be fulfilled.

But for fear of not fulfilling the dream, we cannot stop dreaming, can we? Dreams and desires are the reason for human life. On whose support a person lives. If there is no dream in anyone’s life, then what good is such a life. If the dream is not fulfilled, it is also a matter of luck. To some extent we lacked effort. But the desire to find someone is not fulfilled because of our lack of love.

Sad love letter to give to girlfriend

The dream we have seen of our love and our union will definitely be fulfilled. Nobody can stop us, I do not know when this dream of our meeting will be fulfilled, when our desire will be fulfilled. But this will definitely happen.

I remember once you said that we will live together and die together. You said absolutely wrong, you know why – ” I just want to live with you “. One day it will come that no power in the world will stop us from meeting you. That heart will come soon.

Because I have heard that if love is true, then all the efforts help us to join our love. If love is true, then the whole world has to bow in front of love. But I do not want our parents to bow down in front of us because of us.

So wait, trust in my love. A day will come when everyone will understand what is in our heart and love will get the destination.

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