Some Silly Mistakes That Every New Blogger Does

If you are a blogger, then you will know that when you created your first blog, you had to face some silly mistakes, but if you are new in the world of blogger then you do not have to face all that silly mistake, so today I will tell you All those silly mistakes that every new blogger makes.

If we talk about creating a blog, then there is no better platform than, because you can make your blog very easily through, and you do not have to pay for it. After creating a blog, there are some tips that you can avoid by making a mistake silly by following it. So let’s tell you today, those silly mistakes.

Some Silly Mistakes Every New Blogger Does

1. Blog Design

The design of a blog is defined by its theme, by-default the theme of your blog is set. If you have created a new blog, then the design of your blog will be blank, and you will not be able to design your blog properly. So if you pay attention to the design of your blog in the beginning then you will not get anything.

For example –  Suppose you have built a house and there is nothing inside the house, then how will you decorate your house? First of all, you have to fill your house with goods and after that you have to decide which items to keep. In the same way, we can think of our new blog as an empty house, if there are no posts, articles, page and content in your blog then you cannot design your blog.

My real experience – A few days ago a friend of mine decided to make a blog inspired by me, I explained to him all the basic concept of making a blog. But today he told me that ” Man, I am troubled since morning, the level (category) is not being created in the blog, how to design the menu?” “Then I asked him how many posts you have published, so his answer was none. If you do not publish a single post on your blog, then how will you be able to create levels on your blog. This is not possible, until you publish a post, you cannot create any levels or make a menu link to your blog.

Suggestion- First fill your blog with posts, articles, content. After publishing about 50 posts, pay attention to the design of your blog. Otherwise, if you get caught up in the design of the blog already, then you can not do anything, and later you will say that blogging does not make sense. Avoid making such a silly mistake.

2. Don’t understand Blogging

There is no such thing in the world that a human cannot understand, if talked about creating a blog and running it, then you must first understand the simple interface of the blog. How to publish a post, it will be generated, if you do not understand such a small thing, then you do not have interest in blogging.

Many bloggers make their own blogs to compete with inspiration and motivation and to compete with other blogs, but they have no interest in blogging. Now I have created a blog, but there is no interest. So this is not a very silly mistake.

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Blogging requires a passion, if you do not have writing talent, then you can still make a career in blogging, first write an article by yourself that you like, write an article on what your heart wants. After writing the article, read your article. If you are having fun reading your own article, then understand that you have writing talent.

There is a sentence which the youngster of today says with a very attitude ” If I can do it then why don’t I “. But do you know that blogging is very easy, but our thinking makes it so difficult that it seems that “blogging is not understood”.

3. Apply for Adsense

Nowadays the air of blogging is going on, see who is making his blog. The reason for this is the itching in their hands, the itch that will be erased only with the approval of Adsense account, and the number of such blogs is not in lakhs but among the bitter people who make blogs only to earn from Adsense.

There is a time for everything, until the grapes are ripened and eaten. Similarly, till your blog is not eligible for Google Adsense, then you cannot apply for Adsense, and even if you apply, your Adsense will be rejected. But there are many such blogger brothers who have created their own blogs, published 2-4 articles and applied for Adsense. This is also a silly mistake, which says that you are a very big ass who has little patience.

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Many bloggers quit blogging due to this silly mistake that their blog was not approved for Adsense.

My real life experience – I too had created a blog, but blogging is my passion and even today when I write an article, I give 100% of it. But do you know that my Adsense account was approved only after being rejected 3 times. I did not make that silly mistake, but I knew that Adsense would be approved at some time. But due to not having Adsense approve, I never quit blogging and even today I am connected with blogging with full passion and dedication.

It is not as difficult as you understand blogging, just you have to understand that you can do all that you want to do. Just understand your thinking and passion and do what you want, but do not make such silly mistakes that every new blogger makes. HAPPY BLOGGING

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