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In this category of MONEY, we are going to talk about the world’s most popular social media Facebook Earning Technique. It is true that not only in India but in most parts of the world, Facebook is used by its friends, colleagues, family members. It is done to know the activities and to ask for their efficient work. The above mentioned work can be done by Facebook, along with many such responses, we can also do from Facebook.

The origin of Facebook was to give all humanity a different platform on the Internet, so that people can be able to give their skills, photos, videos etc. in any corner of the country, with friends, family and colleagues.

But there is also a truth that where the crowd increases, business opportunities are born automatically, there is something like this in the internet world, as soon as Facebook got popular among people, The opportunity of business in this platform were increasing today, through the medium of this post we will try to know how a person can earn money from Facebook.

Promoting your products and services from Facebook

If you are an entrepreneur, and you have a small business, you can promote your product or service via Facebook page and increase your sell to earn money. For this, the entrepreneur needs to create a Facebook page for his business, and link it to his product or service information from time to time. So that interested people can buy the product or service by land on the right website.

Enabling Advertisement On your Facebook Page

If a person already has a Facebook Page, and his Fan is in Thousands of millions, then that person can make money from Facebook by running an Ad in his Facebook Page. The earning of a person will depend on the subject of the person’s Facebook Page. Pages based on a technology and health topic are more helpful for earning huge money from Facebook.

Sponsored Post

Sponsored post means the post in which a business person or company asks you to post something about your product or service and post it to your Facebook page. But for this again, any person’s Facebook page should be in Fan following Thousands of millions. Instead of sponsored post, a businessman or company gives money to the person. Therefore this method of Facebook earning money is also good for those who have good fan following.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a product or service of another company, through its affiliate link. If Fan Following is good in the person’s Facebook page, then he can share that page with his fan, which has its affiliate link. Through this link, any product or service will sell. The person gets a commission in that, the person’s earn money from it.

Be a Facebook manger

You have often seen large filmstars, players, politicians, etc. celebrity posting on Facebook. While the truth is that they all have such a busy schedule, that it is difficult to find time to do all this work. But it is also important for your followers to be active on social media to update themselves. That’s why celebrity people are the manager for their Facebook account, who works on posting new updates to their Facebook account and the monitors. Just for this work, celebrity or companies give money to the Facebook Manager.

Facebook survey

Many types of companies available in the market want to know the opinions of people about their current product or the new launch product. So that companies can create a product or service according to their opinion. And companies are either contacting a well-known blogger, or from a survey website, or a Facebook user who has more fan following in Facebook. Therefore, running surveys for companies on Facebook is also included in Facebook’s money market.

Sponsored Links Sharing

To make this process, no Facebook user needs to create a Facebook page. Anyone can access Facebook from their personal Facebook account through this process. If thousands of people are connected in a person’s friend list, then the person’s post is more likely to get more clicks and shares. This is the reason that some businessmen and companies give money to the person to share their product and service in their friend list.

Facebook Set Up

Although Facebook page is very easy to make, so everyone can easily set up this. But where it comes to making a professional Facebook page, it requires a lot of attention and a lot of creativity. Therefore, personal businessmen and companies are looking for a professional to create their Facebook page. And instead of making a Facebook page, offers money to the person. Facebook Page can be set up to create your own profile in Freelancing website like Elance, Upwork, etc.

Facebook Marketing Campaign

Due to the increase in online shopping and due to the use of Facebook by most people, businessmen, celebrity, companies use Facebook Marketing to reach their product service or page to as many people as possible. If a person has a good knowledge of digital marketing, then people give it a chance to earn money instead of running their Facebook Marketing Campaign.

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