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However, there is a website on the Internet that provides you free software, but today I want to get three such websites from where you can download the free software (Freeware, Shareware) easily.


FILEHIPPO it is one of the most popular websites where most software is downloaded.

In this single website you will find all the major Freeware whether it is anti virus or any media player
The best thing about this website is that here software is classified in different categories, so that you can easily get the software you need.


These websites will look like copy of FILEHIPPO which is also this but you will see a difference in it, on its main page, you will see just the stable version of all the software, if you do not have information about beta version. It would be better that you download the software from this website.

Another major difference between this and FILEHIPPO is that the links to this website are not resumable i.e. you can not pause while downloading the file and for some reason there is a problem with the internet, you have to download the file again.

But the good thing is that as soon as this website is becoming popular, new features have started to add up, nowadays it is faster than FILEHIPPO in terms of new software updates.


It’s finally but the best software is the biggest collection of software. Updates are available for the latest versions of the software.

The most important thing about this website is that it also has the option to download Offline Definitions, etc. for all major anti viruses, so that you can also keep the computer’s anti-virus, which does not have internet access.

Most of these links are taken from the original website, so the problem of unwanted software like web installer or toolbar is a little bit more, but keep a little careful then you will not have any problems.

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