Types of panties and their uses

Types of panties and their uses- We had given information about bra type in our previous article , just as it is not right for every dress to wear the same type of bra, in the same way if you like to wear different types of clothes, then according to your clothes Panties must be selected. In India, every woman and girl has the same type of panties that she wears with every dress outfit. But is it right to choose the same type of panties for every garment? No, you have to pay attention to your clothes as well as your panties.

For example – Suppose you are wearing low waist jeans and short top, in such a way that if you use the classic panties you use daily, then you will see your panty strip and it will also spoil your entire outlook. . So it is very important to know what kind of panties you should wear with which clothes and what are the types of panties ..

Panty Type and Use

Boy Shorts

Types of panties and their uses

Boy’s shorts panties are inspired by men’s briefs. This way the panty gives more coverage to your lower part, front or back side. You can wear it with any dress, especially if you wear tight jeans, leggings or short skirt, then boy’s shorts will be the best fit for you.

Once you must have noticed that when you wear tight jeans or leggings, then your panty lines start to appear because of tight jeans, in such a situation, you will be right to choose boy’s shorts.

Wearing boy’s shorts during the period is not right because it makes you feel uncomfortable. You can use boy’s shorts during swimming or during any sports.

Classic Briefs

Types of panties and their uses

The panties that you buy in the market are called classic briefs, similar panties are found in the market which are used the most from India. You must also use panties like this. In such a way, you can wear panties with saree, salwar kameez. That is, it is better to use classic briefs with loose clothes.

It is not advisable to use classic briefs with short skirts, tight leggings. Where your assets are seen in a low skirt, the panty strip is also seen in tight leggings.

Classic briefs are the best-selling in the market and that is why today all women, girls use this panty the most. This panty also serves to provide the best and support during the period.

French Cut Panties

Types of panties and their uses

This is one of the most simple and stylish panties. It is very comfortable along with stylish. You will be well acquainted with the mark from Panty Strip. French cut panties do not cause mark to panty strip, as French cut panties use laces instead of strips, which gives a very comfortable feel.

You can also use French cut panties as classic briefs.

Bikini Panty

Types of panties and their uses

If you have to go swimming, go to the beach then bikini is the best for you, you must have seen in many movies that girls, women wearing bikinis have fun on the beach. For women, bikini is one such under garment which they use according to swimming costume.

If you want to wear inner wear to show, then bikini would be the best choice, because it is available in many styles and fabrics and it has been made so that you can use it like a swimming costume.


Types of panties and their uses

Hipsters are considered to be the best for girls who are uncomfortable wearing small panties. As the name itself suggests, this panty covers hips well and gives good support to your hips, back and front.


Types of panties and their uses

It would not be wrong to call it honeymoon innerwear. Most girls like to wear it during their honeymoon, anyway, who would like to wear panties in daily use in their honeymoon.


Types of panties and their uses

Like a thongs panty, the G-string panty is just a little shorter. Girls and women who like to take sunbath prefer to choose the G-string panty only because such panty has only string which gives an open and back feel.

Control Briefs

Types of panties and their uses

This panty supports your entire waist and your stomach, if your stomach is out, then you can use it to show your stomach to some extent. You can not wear these panties with your clothes in which your stomach is visible, such as – sarees, small tops

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