What should a wife do when her husband does not give importance to her?

Does your husband not respect you? Do not respect? Always quarrel with you about something? The husband does not respect, does not respect and quarrels all the time . All these things are heard in every other house. But the women with whom all this passes can only understand that the one whom we have given our whole life does not respect us. What can be a sign of great sorrow that he does not respect us, does not give us importance.

There are so many desires in the hearts of women that when they get married, they will get the prince of their dreams , all dreams start coming true after marriage. Some are fulfilled, but some dreams remain buried in the same heart. Someone has told the truth ‘Thought never gets done’. Does everything look good in the initial days after marriage? Husband Dev respects , respect is in the in- laws .

But as the time goes by, your importance becomes more important? Because of which there is bitterness between you and your husband. Husband Dev does not give importance to wife , never consider it necessary to seek advice from you for any work. Go everywhere alone and take suggestions only from your parents?

What is the reason for husbands not giving importance?

1. Trust

Trust is needed to keep the relation of marriage together. Even if your husband does not trust you, you will not give importance to you.

  • What should a wife do when her husband does not give importance?
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  • How to control your husband?
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2. Mother’s dear

As you leave your home and start a new life, your father-in-law hands over to his son. But does it happen? No, mother will never hand over her son to you from her heart? Because they think that your son will not become a slave of Bibi when you come For this reason she keeps her son under her control and as a result your husband does not give importance to you.

3. Your habit

A husband does not like his wife to interfere in everything , it is not right to interrupt every work. Your husband will not give you importance by working contrary to the husband’s wishes.

What to do if a husband does not value

1. He likes to the
2. Forbid to Fijul
3. Good food
in honor of 4-laws

Read further to know in detail.

You are going through this phase where your husband does not give importance to you. Let us try some tips that you can regain your husband’s heart and your position.

1. their choice in the

‘Whatever you like to say the same thing, if you say day to night, night will say. ‘You must have heard this song. Just like that, you say what your husband likes. You can rule in her heart by doing husband’s choice, but I also get many comments that ‘I take care of every choice of husband, but what to do if they don’t like me? ‘

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2. Don’t talk frivolously

Your relationship starts breaking due to stupid things and that is why your husband does not give importance to you. Therefore, do not talk useless and useless things, talk about important things and romantic things as much as possible, so that you can make a place in their hearts again.

3. Good food

If your husband likes to eat more outside the home, then you should understand that he does not like your handmade food. So you change the cooking method and bring variety. Because the path of the heart of men goes through their stomach.

4. Respect the father-in-law

Respect your mother-in-law more than your husband, so that they feel that their daughter -in-law is the best and this will be a plus point for you and they will also support you.

If you have already tried these tips and to no avail, then read this article of ours – Husband is very much quarreling, beating and insulting, what should I do?

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