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What to do if a girl is ignored you? The girl ignored me, what to do?

How good it is when someone we like talks to us, life looks beautiful. It seems that we have got everything, as if we have got the greatest happiness in the world and it feels even better when the same girl thinks about us but life changes when the same girl stops talking Is, ignores or starts ignoring.

Whether you are in school, in college or you are in a job, we feel the biggest shock in the world to keep a distance and ignore the girl.

Because of this, we do not mind in any work, studies or jobs, we are not able to do anything in any way. What to do if a girl is ignored

The mind starts to feel depressed and we share this thing with our friends, but when that friend gives his suggestion, then we do not like it because the person who is on his heart can feel his pain.

Let me tell you, I once fell in love with a girl. Love was on my side only She used to study with me, I did not know but looking at her, she used to catch me. Gradually the day passed and I started talking to him by befriending his friends.

She used to correct the matter but she stopped paying attention to me immediately, I do not know the reason why she did it but I will definitely share what I did with you.

My friend’s case was also similar to mine but the difference was that he used to talk on the phone for hours, both of them used to meet and talk for hours, but his girlfriend suddenly stopped talking to him like this. Must have happened to many people. I know this happens very often, so in this case you should know what to do.

What to do if a girl is ignored

1. Why is it ignored?
2. Are you a Chiplu boyfriend?
3. Do not be devadas
4. Ignore you also
5. Do not feel any sorrow
6. Forget everything
7. Do not make you too close
8. Burn the girl Read
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If the girl has made a distance from you and you still hope that the matter can be made, then you should not give up hope because the world is still on hope.

1. Why is it ignored?

Just think what you did so that the matter reached. But if you have done nothing, have always loved them with a sincere heart and respect but still you have stopped talking then friend here you will have to strengthen your heart a little.

Because you too have your life, your feelings, your self-esteem and if you are true to your heart then never let your self-esteem fall, because self-respect and self-confidence are gone then you will break from within and we never want to.

2. Are you a Chiplu boyfriend?

Many times it happens that when you get the green signal from the person you like, you start clinging to it more and more, you start calling again and again, you even disturb her studies and you always try to Pass as much as possible.

We all forget in love that the girl also has a life of her own and because of our doing this, some girls start feeling uncomfortable, so it is important to give them some space and also you have to do it for a few days so that you can ignore her He may feel that you are not a Chipku type person at all.

3. Don’t be a Devdas

If the girl ignores you then you do not have to become Devdas. Do not let it look like you are very depressed. By doing this, that girl will start to think of you as weak. Keep your mind as much as possible. By doing this you can regain his attention and company.

4. Ignore You

Till now you used to walk back and forth and that is why she is ignoring you with so much confidence. Maybe he has love for you too. So now you have to ignore him a little as if you are around him but ignore him.

5. Do not feel sad

If the girl ignores you, first trust yourself, be proud of yourself and do not leave your arrogance. Never apologize to the girl by writing messages, love letters etc.

By doing this, she will lighten you. Never give up your self-esteem, if you ever come to know that you have to talk to him, then make the matter short and to the point, and once you get a chance, you can say everything in front of him.

6. Forget Everything

If you don’t have any fault, you don’t have to be sweet. But do not let it go away from you. Meet and talk to him but don’t let him feel that your life has stopped without him.

Let her feel like you are happy, maybe she will realize her mistake and your life will be beautiful again.

7. Do not draw too close

If you talk to him a little bit, then you do not have to be very close. You just have to talk a little bit and if you can, you will have to leave it incomplete. Whenever she talks on the topic of her choice and leaves the matter in the middle, it will make her feel like talking to you and she will miss you.

8. Jealous the girl

The girl ignored you, then you have to do that by friendship with her friend and spending time with them, the girl has to be jealous. You do not have to show a little interest towards that girl, it will irritate her a little and maybe she will be attracted to you again.

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